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So You Have Decided To Sell Your Waterfront Property!

It is in all the headlines:  the cottage market is hot!  The demand for a waterfront property is strong and inventory is low, making our current market conditions a great time to be a seller.  Now that you have decided that it’s time to sell your waterfront property it’s time to choose a Brokerage to represent one of your largest assets.


10 Reasons why dealing with a local Brokerage to sell your Waterfront Property!

  1. We Know the Lakes.

We know what fish are in them, the depths, the lake quality, if boats are permitted… all the questions that are important to buyers when looking for their dream getaway.

  1. Rural Properties are Unique!

There are many aspects of rural properties that even the best city agents never deal with in their day-to-day operations.  Wells, septic systems, WETT inspections and surveys are part of our daily business and we can help you and potential buyers navigate these systems.

  1. Local Comparable Data.

There are many Real Estate boards located within Ontario.  In order to see local data you must be a member of that board or be on a similar data system.  Currently, members of the Kingston Area Real Estate Board are the only ones with access to our local data.

  1. Our Extensive Network of Home Service Professionals.

Need something done to prepare your home for sale or interested buyers looking for advice on your property?  We know our local contractors personally.  We can recommend the best and get the job done.

  1. Community Involvement.

When selling your waterfront property interested buyers often want to know information about the area they are moving to.  Our Realtors not only work in the area but also live and play here.  We volunteer in the community and are avid supporters of local events.

  1. What Services are Available in the Area?

In today’s work from home world some common questions are… What is the cell service like?  Can I get internet?  Our team is familiar with the different types of services available for rural properties and can share these resources with potential buyers.

  1. Local Market Awareness.

Our agents are aware of what is selling, who may be thinking of selling or buying and what the local market is doing.

  1. Historical Knowledge & Experience.

Lake District Realty has been serving the Frontenac Area for over 30 years specializing in waterfront properties.  We have successfully supported our clients in the sale & purchase of numerous properties within this time.  Our team of Professionals have a proven history of  quality service and are ready to help you.

  1. Local Real Estate Customs Matter.

While the laws across Ontario may be the same, there are local customs and expectations that matter when it comes time to make an offer. What is a normal deposit? What conditions are considered ‘normal’ and are needed to protect you, but won’t damage the negotiation process? What is a normal first offer? How does a typical negotiation happen? What happens if there are multiple offers on a property?

  1. How do you prepare for the sale of your waterfront property?

Our agents are involved in the local market.  The current trends for waterfront sales and what is required to make the process as smooth as possible.  We can assist you with suggestions for helping you make your home look it’s best and will provide additional services as necessary for your property sale.

If you are thinking about selling your Cottage or Waterfront property call the local Professionals at Lake District Realty 1st. 

We would love to meet you at your Waterfront Property to Provide you with a Complementary Market Evaluation of your Property.  You may be surprised what is happening in our local Waterfront market!

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