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Additional Services Offered by
Lake District Realty

We can provide you with more than just listing and selling property. 

Here is how Lake District Realty Corporation can help you!

Consulting and Letters of Opinion Services:

Thinking about property development, buying and selling or buildng to re-sell?  Our professionals can provide you with consulation services to assist you with these Real Estate  topics.  

If you own a large tract of land and want guidance on how to best maximize the sale of the property we can provide guidance and liason in the severance process.  Guiding you to create saleable properties.

Real Estate Project you want to renovate and flip?  We can help you to determine where best to spend your money to maximize your return on investment. 

Looking to sell a new build?  We are in the trenches with the buyers daily and can provide guidance on what buyers are looking for in a property.

Lake District Realty is also able to provide you with a professional Letter of Opinion for your property.  Based on factual, local comparable market data for a specified date in time.  A few examples of the uses for this document is to establish a valuation for taxation purposes, personal or estate needs.