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Created: 2010-06-24 11:23:11
Cottage life magazine has discuss the many cottage regions across Ontario; Land O' Lakes was mentioned.

"Receding glaciers sculpted the scenic, varied terrain of this largely undiscovered region, which extends north of the 401, roughly between Belleville and Kingston. Farmland in the south gives way to rocky pastures and hayfields. From south of Hwy. 7 all the way up to the northern towns of Denbigh and Ompah, the Shield's pine and rock predominate.

Happily for cottagers, glacial ice sheets carved out some 5,000 lakes in the 4,000-sq.-km region. Mazinaw Lake, for example, is one of the deepest in Ontario at 144 metres. Other sought-after lakes include Sharbot, Big Gull, Skootamatta, Crow, Bobs, and Kashwakamak.

Cottagers enjoy the canoeing, boating, hiking (many multi-use trails, including old pioneer routes and the Trans Canada Trail, pass through this region), and wildlife sightings. The fishing is good (lake trout, bass, pike, and the elusive walleye), as is birding (350 species, including the endangered loggerhead shrike) and stargazing, with little light pollution.

About a three-hour drive from Toronto, and two hours from Ottawa, the region is sparsely populated, with virtually no industry. Although you'll find towns offering essential services scattered throughout the area, the closest hospital is in Napanee, the Land O' Lakes' largest municipality. On the upside, lack of development means clean water and vast tracts of Crown land that guarantee plenty of unspoiled wilderness for those who value their solitude.

Prices are on the rise, with many people buying vacant lots or renovating existing cottages for year-round use. As a result, waterfront properties with cottages are less common than they used to be."
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