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Created: 2009-07-16 14:42:37
I was once asked, So what do you do here? I believe I was asked that question by a lady who had just arrived from the city. The city, a place of endless shopping malls, theatres, bowling alleys, dinner clubs, recreation centres and the list goes on. It prompted me to think about the Lake District…what was there to do, why do people come here?

Life has become an ear shattering nerve numbing existence. Coming to the country, to these lakes in particular, is about saving a small portion of your life for yourself and your family. The countryside and lakes offer the answer of “what to do”…a canoe or a kayak can be placed in the majority of the lakes and streams at public access points. On the Land O’ Lakes map, a small watercraft launch symbol denotes a public “no charge” launch; just be sure your craft is not transporting zebra mussels or foreign species from the last location. We have fabulous interconnecting water bodies such as Bobs Lake or the Crotch Lake 3-day canoe route into interior Crown Lands. Consider the Salmon River or the never ending Mississippi River system canoeing routes which commence in the Mazinaw and travel the entire Frontenacs into Lanark and beyond. Power boating and waterskiing can be enjoyed on lakes that are miles long.

Fishing you ask! Some of the finest lake trout fishing can be experienced on ten area lakes. Why boast about lake trout? Lake trout require very deep and very clean water to survive. Natural Resources and our Township Councils have united to limit severances on lake trout lakes to maintain water quality “novel idea” and very progressive. Northern pike, small and largemouth bass, walleye, muskie, perch and panfish are all very healthy and abundant in the Lake O’ Lakes. Anglers don’t have to look beyond the lakes north of Kingston to find healthy fish fit to eat. Bob Izumi, a Canadian name in the fishing world, makes Eastern Ontario a frequent on his fishing shows and declares we have “some of the best fishing in Canada”. The last Saturday in June, bass fishing opens. In early May, trout, walleye and pike open.

Walking you say…I just like to walk. Look no further. Sharbot Lake was the home of several railway lines stopping and directing cargo and people north, south, east and west. The trains no longer pass through the village of Sharbot Lake. Recreational trails have replaced the train tracks. Local residents with train history have spent years creating a living railway museum in the village. Walk to the former train station platform and you will find a short set of tracks that have been re-established along with railroad memorabilia. A visual pavilion has been erected with photos of the railroaders and early community life, the history comes back to life! Walking the railway line has been preserved for generations to come and extends to the limits of the Land O’ Lakes territory. On your walking tour, sit in the community herb garden or help yourself to some fresh sage or rosemary for the stew you have simmering back at the cottage. If you don’t walk or cross country ski, how about ATVings, snowmobiling, horseback riding or motocross. The recreational trails travel through 1000s of acres of untouched private and Crown Lands; horseback riding heaven. Several privately run stables with horseback trail riding and lessons are in the area. We share the trail respectfully with all walks of recreation activity.

Three major Provincial Parks dot the region with landscapes Pierre Burton would find noteworthy. Enjoy sand beaches and 100s of fully serviced campsites or wilderness camping on Crown Land sites. Each park has an excellent site map.

Lodges, resorts, housekeeping cottages can be found on the LAND O’ LAKES MAP; 19 campgrounds, 52 lodges, resorts, motels and housekeeping cottages are listed in the Land O’ Lakes region. Many more are quietly tucked away to be discovered.

I was once told we have 5000 lakes in the Sharbot Lake and surrounding area. I really thought it was an exaggeration until I purchased a satellite-generated map and placed it on my office wall. This is truly an area of little strips of land wrapped around 1000s of water bodies – lakes, streams and rivers, an extension of the Thousand Islands.

Villages Beautiful was established by a committee of local ladies who felt that the area villages were a charming place to visit. The group set up village committees and began funding projects which included planting trees, creating flower beds, building benches and commissioning artists to design and build visually beautiful village signs for the pleasure of the community and visitors. Back road bikers’ heaven!

What can you do here? Hope I’ve answered the question…..Get in your car and travel the fall tour on the Labour Day weekend, visit 100s of residing artisans in their home and village studios, stop at the local eateries, spent a night at the local B&B or just stop in the municipal park in the village of Sharbot Lake and enjoy one of the regions finest sand beaches. No charge, just bring a picnic and swim with the kids. Give them your time to stop for awhile and soak up the beauty. Are you a painter? The group of 7 must have used our area as a backdrop; windswept jack pines, Canadian Shield rocky outcroppings, lakes and streams, woods and waterfalls. If you don’t own your own piece of this paradise, come and spend some of your time exploring the quiet unspoiled beauty of the Land O’ Lakes; the hidden gem between Peterborough and Ottawa.

What do we do here?…..I think it is really about what we don’t do here that is the secret. If you need help finding that special place visit our site regularly, fill in your Property Profile “wish list” on our site or just give us a call.