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Created: 2009-03-06 10:30:09
LDR is an upscale brokerage, listing and selling waterfront properties in the Land O’ Lakes region.

Cottage Life magazine asks…”Why not invest in something worthwhile this year…yourself.” We share their sentiments, life by the water either cottage or full-time living cannot be matched. Over 5000 lakes lie north of Kingston, west of Ottawa and east of Toronto in the Land O’ Lakes district. Lake properties in this region are still among the least expensive in Ontario. Our area offers cottages starting as low as $170,000. Just give thought to where you invest your money. If you purchased an area property on water in 1999, that property today has more than doubled in value. If you invested one dollar in 1999 in the Dow Jones Index, that dollar is now worth $.64 as of March 05, 2009. The Dow was at 10,500 points on May 1, 1999 and on March 5, 2009 the Dow was 6,594 points, down 36.5%. The volatility of the stock market has left many investors high and dry. Every market presents opportunities to those who are attentive. Land O’ Lakes is offering most affordable waterfront listings and the mortgage rates are presently 3.3% on a variable rate. Mortgages have not been this low in most of our lifetimes…don’t become part of the crowd that buy when prices are high and mortgage rates are back up to 13%. Now is the time to buy.

Waterfront in the Land O’ Lakes is still pristine. Clean and well monitored lakes ensure you of years of quality waterfront enjoyment. Waterfront properties in the Land O’ Lakes are wonderful investments but most of all they represent the most precious commodity….TIME. Time to unwind, time to relax with family and friends and time just to yourself…Let time work for you both personally and financially.

We have been established for over 20 years and now have the 1st waterfront only brokerage in the region. Our offices are located on Sharbot Lake in the Village of Sharbot Lake. We have structured the company to serve the Sellers and Buyers of waterfront by forming a group of three experienced sales people backed by two professional marketing and administrative assistants. All five of us team together to represent your property in the very best light.

Marketing – The old saying “you have to spend money to make money” prevails here. Our advertising begins with a professionally designed website where Buyers can submit their requirements; we monitor the profile matching it with our listings until they find exactly what they are looking for. Paper advertising directs Buyers to our website. We have reserved several pages in “On the Water” magazine, a high-end magazine that circulates all summer. We advertise monthly in Valley Seaway Homes which covers Ottawa to Land O’ Lakes and the Cottage Trader which covers Land O’ Lakes to southern Ontario. People find us and in turn find your property.

Sales Team – The Sales team represents 40 years of selling specifically in this region. The two principals of the company are Alison Robinson, Broker of Record and Matthew Robinson, Broker/Owner. Our newest member is Joel Gray, Broker. Professional guidance is required to obtain the best results in the sale of your property; we offer you our services and our experience.