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Created: 2008-04-17 10:07:52
Hire the knowledgeable, local, well equipped professionals serving The Land O' Lakes district.

The snow has just receded enough to know there are lakes out there! If this is the year to sell the family waterfront cottage, waterfront home or water lot we are ready to go!

Over the winter, the Company moved into position to be what we call ourselves “The Waterfront Company”...a specialty company whose focus is 100% waterfront.

Our website was redesigned to meet the needs of waterfront Buyers and Sellers. It is user-friendly and has many expanded capabilities. Video imaging will permit the Buyer to see the landscape around the cottage or waterfront home, as well as a more intimate look at the interiors. Our video crew will commence as soon as the landscape greens up!

The approach to selling something as unique as each waterfront takes a coordinated effort. Matthew and Alison will gladly meet with you at your property and share their 30 years of combined exposure to all the lakes in North, Central and South Frontenac; The Land O’ Lakes region and then provide a marketing strategy for your property.

Listings commence in early April and continue through the season. For this reason, we urge you to make our site one of your “favorites”. Each week the site will listings, solds, articles and much more. This new site was designed to be interactive with the public. If you are a Seller, your main concern is how your property will be seen by all potential Buyers. Most serious Buyers shop on MLS and the internet. Our website has been designed to reach consumers. If you list with our company you will have all of our attention and our very active Buyer-Customer base. We are part of MLS and advertise heavily..We connect with the Buyers.

If you are a Buyer and would like our assistance, visit our website..the Contact Us section followed by the Property Profile. This area of the site permits you to tell us in detail what you are looking for. Fill in the form and submit it and within 48 hours an agent will call you to discuss your needs more specifically. Over the season our management system will select listings that may be of interest to you and forward them to you for review. You’re on your way to cottage country and maybe a year-round home on the lake.

We look forward to meeting you!