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Created: 2018-02-23 11:18:24
Recently on my family vacation I took the opportunity to become a possible buyer in an area that I only knew a little about. The struggle was real. I began my search online, as many people do, only to suddenly feel overwhelmed. Several properties looked like possibilities but then I found myself asking a family member who owned a property in the area questions such as: Is this a good area? What’s that street like? Could I rent the property out? What are my extra expenses when purchasing a property? On and on! We never did end up pursuing this any further, but it made me think about how valuable the services are that our company offers to customer and clients.
Throughout my career I’ve believed in not extending myself to areas where I couldn’t offer knowledgeable value to my customers and clients which has kept me working close to home. A place where I know that when a question is asked of me, I can provide information from life long experiences; or if I didn’t know the answer, I knew exactly who to contact to find the information I needed. Today the industry has spent much time on telling people what type of representation they should have but there is more to making an informed real estate decision. My thought is that whether I’m a buyer’s agent, a listing agent or a customer service agent, I will be able to provide everyone with information that is based on experience and local knowledge of the precise area they are looking to buy or sell in. This gives my clients and customers the understanding and awareness to make an informed decision they can feel good about when moving towards their Real Estate goals.