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Created: 2017-10-20 16:17:34
Torontonians’ Travel East
This year it was fantastic to see more Torontonians traveling to Eastern Ontario to purchase their dream cottage, lakefront home or vacant waterfront land. We have always mentioned how Land O’ Lakes is Eastern Ontario’s hidden gem. Well, it appears as though the gem is being discovered. Many buyers continually said this year, “it’s the same time in a vehicle to drive to the Land O’ Lakes as it is to drive north of Toronto”. They also said that their dollar stretches so much further here as the Muskoka’s are becoming out of reach for many buyers. Many buyers are delightfully surprised as to how beautiful the area is and how clean the lakes are. Also, knowing that the municipalities have ensured, through good planning and conservation associations, that the lakes stay that way. Our small villages in the Land O’ Lakes continue to grow economically to help ensure that cottagers are able to shop for the necessary cottage amenities as well as enjoy some speciality stores. An additional bonus is distance to other cities such as Kingston which is just to the south. Many people are familiar with this beautiful city because either they or their children have or are attending Queen’s University. The same goes for our Nation’s Capital being only a short drive to the East. Just a few more reasons to plant some roots in the beautiful Land O’Lakes!

This gives buyers another sense of reason and familiarity to come and plant some routes in this beautiful area