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Created: 2017-03-16 09:16:53
Many investors’ cardinal rule when it comes to buying Real Estate is LOCATION. Signs of which include, indicators of forthcoming growth such as easier transit, potential expansion of the city, influx of population, the list goes on. We may not tend to think about recreational properties as being an investment or even part of a retirement plan. The main purpose is a family getaway property where we can leave behind the day-to-day hustle and bustle to focus on enjoying our family while building lasting memories. However, there is an additional bonus to buying a recreational property. In my 17 years of being a Realtor™, I have seen tremendous growth from an investment perspective of these properties in the Land O' Lakes area. One key attribute to this growth is...LOCATION! One hour thirty minutes west of our Nation's Capital, two hours thirty minutes east of Toronto and just a short distance north of Highway 401 and Kingston. With the expansion of a four-lane highway from Ottawa to Carleton Place and several passing lanes on Highway 7 being added, it has made the commute easy. Currently people travel Highway 401 from Toronto east to their cottages but now Highway 407 is being extended to Highway 115 giving people an optional way to travel to the Land O' Lakes. Continued infrastructure upgrades to ease commuting and continued local government planning to ensure the quality of our lakes, benefits recreational property owners and local communities alike. With 5,000 lakes at our back door, I see this area as a very special place for people to come and build those lasting family memories. Plus, the added bonus...a place to invest their money into a beautiful piece of real estate.