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Created: 2015-07-29 13:25:10
During the winter I have a bit of time on my hands so I decided to compile some information on what the market price has been year over year. All of my information was gathered from the Kingston and Area Real Estate Board MLS sales. I thought that Bobs Lake would be a good lake for me to research, knowing that because of the large size of the lake, there tends to be sales year after year on this lake. I then wanted to narrow my search a little more just so the properties I was comparing had similar access, lot sizes and shorelines. I choose Maple Grove Estates on Bobs Lake as my research area. Below is the data I compiled.

Year of Sale & Price Range

2001: $102,000 to $112,000
2005: $139,000 to $186,000
2010: $207,000 to $255,000
2013: $259,000 to $327,900

In addition, I noticed that one cottage sold in 2005 for $160,000 than re-sold (with some upgrades) in 2010 for $207,000.

I have been a Registered Realtor® in the Land O’ Lakes area since June of 1999. Although I have seen prices continually climb year after year, I found it very interesting to pull facts on one lake and then more precisely on one area of that lake. We know that the Land O’ Lakes has beautiful, clean lakes and untouched natural beauty. We now also see from historic data that a cottage property has been and continues to be a fabulous investment.