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Created: 2015-03-30 11:32:03
As winter passes, we at Lake District Realty are busy planning for this year’s Cottage & Backyard Show taking place at the EY Centre in Ottawa, April 10-12th. We hope that Ottawa will come out to meet us and get the scoop on the 2015 waterfront market. Affordable cottages and wilderness waterfront only 1 – 1.5 hours west of Ottawa’s door step.

By all indications, we should have a wonderful selection of family cottages, waterfront lots and year-round waterfront homes. In March, we have commence the task of meeting owners, evaluating their properties and preparing the listings for the April 01 start date. We will bring many of these listings to the tradeshow so if you are a waterfront owner contemplating selling, a phone call now is in order to book a marketing team visit and get listed in time for the cottage show.

If you’re contemplating buying, we will be on deck to answer questions about the Lake District and specific buying questions. This region offers great swimming, boating, fishing, ATVing, birdwatching, hiking and the list goes on.. 5,000 lakes and 5,000 opportunities.

If you have filled out a property profile request on our website, please be sure to update it if you have any changes in your requirements.

See you at the Ottawa Cottage Show!