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Created: 2014-09-03 15:13:55
Sensitive Lakes … What are they?
One of the criteria in our area that deems a lake sensitive are those that are home to the Lake Trout species. The governing provincial and municipal bodies that are in charge of protecting the environment know that lakes which are home to Lake Trout have deep, cold trenches which Lake Trout need to survive. These species must have well-oxygenated, unpolluted water to live.

The west basin of Sharbot Lake, Crow Lake, Eagle Lake, Buck Lake, Hungry Lake, Silver Lake, Bobs Lake (Green Bay), Mackie Lake, Mazinaw Lake, Palmerston Lake and Potspoon Lake are just a few identified “Lake Trout” lakes.

‘Sensitive’ means special provisions have been imposed regarding development on these lakes to prevent overtaxing the lake and its Lake Trout; just another way Land O’ Lakes is working to keep pristine lakes for its fish habitat, its residents and its cottagers.