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Created: 2013-10-23 10:12:59
In the midst of my TV watching yesterday evening, a commercial came on. It displayed a lady sitting at a desk filling out papers. She was in a frenzy, frantic, frustrated and erratic. It was a comical display of an exasperated home owner attempting to sell her home privately. It was priceless. The point seemed to be that ‘going it alone’ may not always be the best choice - find out how a Realtor™ can help you.

Realtors™ take their role in representing you and your property very sincerely. Extensive Continuing Educational courses are mandatory for Salespeople and Brokers enabling them to stay current with the ever-changing and evolving marketplace. Realtors™ are bound by a strict Code of Ethics and always work in the best interest of their clients.

Realtors™ can help take the guessing out of the equation. Selling a property requires much time and dedication. It’s a fulltime job and requires years of experience. Advertising and marketing your property to the appropriate client base and then screening those clients is but only one aspect of how Realtors™ help.

Being aware of changing market trends and property valuations are crucial when determining a listing price and negotiating for top dollar. Realtors™ base property values on a multitude of factors which may not be evident to a Seller. A Board’s MLS system allows Realtors™ to display offerings on, the single most powerful tool for buying and selling a property.

Realtors™ are with you every step of the way, from listing, to procuring an offer, to negotiations and closing. They offer additional services and connect you with other professionals such as lawyers, home inspections etc.

Before you decide to ‘go it alone’ find out how we can help. People have been putting their trust in us for over 25 years!