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Created: 2012-04-10 11:25:33
Yes….Waterfront Properties are the Ferrari’s of the Real Estate Industry. Driving down the road a thought came to me - if I owned a Ferrari and wanted to sell it, how would I do it? Would I put it in my front yard with a FSBO (ForSaleByOwner) sign on it? Hardly seems reasonable considering how I feel about my Ferrari. Would I post it online and have no idea how to target the buyer who understands the true value of my Ferrari and would actually pay me what it’s worth? Would I take it to a car lot that sells every make and model and doesn’t really appreciate my Ferrari by knowing the ins and outs or how to explain them to a potential buyer - if they could find a buyer? If I owned a Ferrari, not one of these ideas seems fitting. I would most likely drive my Ferrari to a Ferrari dealership, they understand Ferrari’s. They fix them, they know who buys them, and they know them inside and out. A place that understands what the true value of having a Ferrari means. Because that’s all they do…
Lake District Realty is “The Waterfront Company”… because that’s all we do.