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Created: 2012-04-03 09:37:30
Lake District Realty celebrates its 25th Anniversary of operation in the Land O’ Lakes Vacation Region this year! I felt that I would share the background of Lake District Realty in writing this blog.

Centrally located in the Village of Sharbot Lake, the Brokerage opened in 1987 as a satellite office for J.M. Coulter located in Kingston, Ontario. After seven years in operation, J.M. Coulter’s main Broker became ill leaving us to join a major franchise or become an independent Brokerage. The decision was made to stand alone and focus on rural real estate in the Land O’ Lakes. Where did we get the name? I was born in England and there is a famous area with about five lakes where millions of people come every year for their holidays – it’s considered a very special part of England called the ‘Lake District’. I looked at the 5,000 lakes we have in this area and said to myself – ‘Now that’s a Lake District!’- so Lake District Realty was born.

In the early years, we were an ‘everything’ Brokerage. We sold homes, farms, acreages, businesses and lots of waterfront properties. In 1990 the Brokerage expanded from a one person operation to two and, today we have five. The Brokerage now consists of three sales staff and two full time administrators – one for marketing and one for office and client management. It became evident that over 85% of our sales were in waterfront properties and growing. The need to focus on what we were best at turned the direction of Lake District Realty around in 2010.

The Brokerage defined itself as a company designed to help the owners of waterfront to sell their property and to give buyers of waterfront property all the support they need to find the perfect place. Lake District Realty sourced out the creation and building of our state-of-the-art website with back office capability to manage buyer needs. We discontinued the listing of all off-water properties which was a very hard decision. Many good friends and neighbours wondered what we were doing giving up so many fine listings! It was decided that all resources would be focused on the lakes.

Our team of people would have a minimum of 15 years in area sales and have a strong background living and playing on the area lakes. Our expertise would be felt the moment you called our office. We have established a non-competitive office where we all work together to sell every property we list. As a group of five, no matter when someone walks through the door, there will be an individual to will assist them with questions, take them to properties or help with an offer to purchase. There is no ‘ I ‘ in the word ‘TEAM’! We have such a wonderful collection of testimonials from clients that we know our decision was the right one!

Twenty-five years and millions of dollars of sales later we are still excited to begin each day. We value the people we have met and helped and we look forward to all the great connections we will make in the future. Thanks for the memories and let’s make some more!

Alison Robinson
Broker of Record