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Created: 2012-02-09 12:27:07
After many hours of discussion with friends and family, the decision has been made to sell your home or cottage. Now what…. Who do I contact and how do I get started? Many people start looking in their area for a good Real Estate Brokerage by calling or emailing a friend or acquaintance for a contact name.

Next question…How do I choose the correct Brokerage or Realtor to sell my property? Getting a referral from friends and family is a great way to begin; however, what worked for them may not work for you. Take some time to go online and research the Real Estate Brokerages and Realtors who sell in your area. Then start making some connections.

Next step…Contact your choices by sending an email or pick up the phone. Always keep in mind how responsive the person is that you speak with or how promptly they respond to your email or voice message. You could start with something like: “Hi my name is Bill, my wife and I are considering selling our property. We own a cottage on Bob’s Lake, it’s a great spot but time for us to consider selling. We’d like to meet with you at the cottage so you could give us an idea what market value might be?” Then listen to see what response you get back. A seasoned Realtor will know how to keep this conversation going. A call like this sure gets my attention! Great job! You have made your first contact with a Realtor…now it’s time to see what the property is worth and decide if you will hire this Realtor to sell your property.

Initial Meeting…Keep in mind this is an interview process. It’s not always about your property and what value the realtor places on it, the value must be supported through comparable sales in the area. You also need to feel a connection with the person you will be hiring to sell your cottage. You are selling one of your largest assets; it needs to be done right, especially when it is a rural waterfront property. You need to hire a Realtor that is experienced in rural waterfront sales in your area. There are so many more variables to consider, your Realtor needs to have good systems in place, contacts for lawyers, appraisers, home inspectors, septic pumpers, woodstove and chimney companies or anyone else who may need to be brought into the selling process. Ask them as many questions as you can and before you hire them make sure you are happy with the answers. Here is a link to an interesting article I read, it’s for Realtors but has a lot of great stuff for sellers.

Here’s a tip…Establishing the right asking price in a competitive market is one of the key elements to selling your property. Sometimes hiring an independent appraiser for a non-biased appraisal is a good idea. This is not always necessary but if you have several different suggested listing prices from Realtors or have a market where sales are scarce and pricing the property is difficult it may help to provide clarity. This is also a great tool for your Realtor to have in their selling file.

When you have hired the right Brokerage to sell your property, your anxiety level should come down. Keep in touch with your chosen Realtor, see if there is anything you can do to help. Remember, if you want them to work FOR you, you need to work WITH them. Happy Selling!!!