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Created: 2011-11-11 10:51:31
Taking the time to follow these 5 simple steps will give you peace of mind throughout the winter months & ensure the cottage is ready to be occupied again in the spring.

Here are your 5 EASY steps to closing up the cottage …. Until spring that is!!

Step 1.
REMOVING ALL FOOD – ALL food (including canned goods) should be removed to avoid attracting bugs, mice or other animals seeking winter grub! P.S. defrost the refrigerator/freezer and leave the door open a crack to avoid mildew. P.P. S. – don’t forget to clean the BBQ.

Step 2.
WATER SUPPLY - To prevent your water lines from freezing & possibly bursting drain the pipes completely. Fill traps & toilet with a non-toxic anti-freeze. This is also an ideal time to check your plumbing & faucets after summer use.

Step 3.
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM - It is a good idea to shut the electricity down completely; do so by throwing the main switch at the electrical panel & unplug all appliances.

Step 4.
PREPARING YOUR DOCK FOR WINTER – As the lake freezes and the ice comes & goes it can wreak havoc on your dock! Be sure to remove your dock from the water to avoid possible damage.

Step 5.
BOARD UP SCREENED AREAS – This will ensure the screens on your sunroom, gazebo or porch are not damaged from storms or animals seeking shelter.

NOTE: Another great tip is to take photos of the interior & exterior of the cottage when you leave in the unfortunate event of fire, theft or weather damage.

Don’t take chances with your summer home – it is a big investment and one that you and your loved ones will use for years to come - and remember, spring isn’t that far away …