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Created: 2011-10-04 15:36:17
Fall sales have exceeded spring sales in 2011 as Buyers move their money from the faltering stock market to solid investments such as gold & waterfront properties.

Land has always been a favourite Canadian place to store wealth. The first waterfront lot I listed in 1987 sold for $4,000 that same lot this year sells for $150,000. Similar comparisons hold for cottages that sold then for $49,000 and now for $250,000.

Consider the value of time spent at a family cottage. If you live in Ottawa you’re only ½ hour to a whole new world, one of peace & quiet & adventure.

The findings of a recent national survey concluded that when asked to compare the stock market in terms of providing a better financial return, 50% chose recreational properties while only 29% chose the stock market, the balance was undecided.

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