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Created: 2011-06-30 16:20:54
HAPPY CANADA DAY!! It really doesn’t take much to realize how fortunate we all are to live in this great country. Eastern Ontario is an area of geological wonders … there are hundreds of lakes, rivers and streams … 1/3rd of the world’s fresh water … mature forests and abundant wildlife.

This month’s blog is a call to action…

Many Boomers and Zoomers are buying in the United States to secure an affordable home away in the winter months, selling their large city residences and buying small units in the city and escaping to the lakes for the summer months. Instead of that small city unit why not consider a home on one of our beautiful fresh in-land lakes. Land O’ Lakes is located between between Ottawa, Toronto and Kingston, a perfect setting to purchase your lakeside home, and a great place for the grandkids to visit.

We are only one and a half hours from the nation’s capital – a short ride to Ottawa! We are half way between Montreal and Toronto … The Lake District is a fully serviced region will full medical services and retail services. A well-respected hospital within half hour of most properties … The major centre, Kingston is less than an hour away.

Perth and Kingston have been identified as two of the most attractive places to retire to in Canada, second only to Vancouver. Make sure you have over a million dollars to buy a small home in Vancouver. If you look at our site for under $500,000, one can buy a 1500 sq. ft. 4-season waterfront home that anyone would be proud to own.

If I am talking to you … call in and let us introduce you to our beautiful area!

Joel, Bill, Alison, Martian & Nancy