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What to do in the Frontenacs?
Lake District Realty is a proudly located in the heart of the Frontenacs, surrounded by 1000’s of freshwater lakes and beautiful Canadian shield scenery. If you are considering purchasing a property in the area, here are some great resources on what the area has to offer! ATV Trails Fishing Hiking trails Festivals ...more

Ottawa Cottage Life & Backyard Show, April 13-15, 2018
After a successful Cottage Life Show in Toronto, we are pleased to be attending the Ottawa Cottage Life & Backyard show in Ottawa at the EY Center, April 13-15, 2018. Selling waterfront this season? Give us a call today for a free market evaluation. There is still time to have your waterfront property featured at the Lake District Realty booth. (866)279-2109 ...more

Cottage Season is here with the Toronto Cottage Life Show!
Joins us March 22-25 at the International Centre, Mississauga. If you are considering selling your waterfront property this season, it's time to call us. We are busy preparing for the upcoming show with area information and of course beautiful waterfront properties for sale! Have your property showcased to thousands of Toronto buyers March 22-25. ...more

Why a Local Realtor?
Recently on my family vacation I took the opportunity to become a possible buyer in an area that I only knew a little about. The struggle was real. I began my search online, as many people do, only to suddenly feel overwhelmed. Several properties looked like possibilities but then I found myself asking a family member who owned a property in the area questions such as: Is this a good area? What’s that street like? Could I rent the property out? What are my extra expenses when purchasing a property? On and on! We never did end up pursuing this any further, but it made me think about how valuable the services are that our company offers to customer and clients. Throughout my career I’ve believed in not extending myself to areas where I couldn’t offer knowledgeable value to my customers and clients which has kept me working close to home. A place where I know that when a question is asked of me, I can provide information from life long experiences; or if I didn’t know the answer, I knew exactly who to contact to find the information I needed. Today the industry has spent much time on telling people what type of representation they should have but there is more to making an informed real estate decision. My thought is that whether I’m a buyer’s agent, a listing agent or a customer service agent, I will be able to provide everyone with information that is based on experience and local knowledge of the precise area they are looking to buy or sell in. This gives my clients and customers the understanding and awareness to make an informed decision they can feel good about when moving towards their Real Estate goals. ...more

Torontonians’ Travel East
Torontonians’ Travel East This year it was fantastic to see more Torontonians traveling to Eastern Ontario to purchase their dream cottage, lakefront home or vacant waterfront land. We have always mentioned how Land O’ Lakes is Eastern Ontario’s hidden gem. Well, it appears as though the gem is being discovered. Many buyers continually said this year, “it’s the same time in a vehicle to drive to the Land O’ Lakes as it is to drive north of Toronto”. They also said that their dollar stretches so much further here as the Muskoka’s are becoming out of reach for many buyers. Many buyers are delightfully surprised as to how beautiful the area is and how clean the lakes are. Also, knowing that the municipalities have ensured, through good planning and conservation associations, that the lakes stay that way. Our small villages in the Land O’ Lakes continue to grow economically to help ensure that cottagers are able to shop for the necessary cottage amenities as well as enjoy some speciality stores. An additional bonus is distance to other cities such as Kingston which is just to the south. Many people are familiar with this beautiful city because either they or their children have or are attending Queen’s University. The same goes for our Nation’s Capital being only a short drive to the East. Just a few more reasons to plant some roots in the beautiful Land O’Lakes! This gives buyers another sense of reason and familiarity to come and plant some routes in this beautiful area ...more

Fall sales are in Full Swing!
Fall Colours are here and waterfront sales are in full swing. There is no better time to check out water quality, lot quality and the cottage when the leaves have begun to fall. ...more

News from the Toronto Cottage Life Show!
It’s been a week since attending the Cottage Life Show and we continue to hear from Toronto buyers that they perceive the Land O’ Lakes as the next Muskoka for cottage ownership. The Show was a fantastic venue where our showcased sellers saw terrific exposure for their properties. If you had an interest in anything ‘cottage’ this Show was the place to be! It had everything and more! I spoke with many people at the Show and one conversation I had stood out for me. I was speaking with an individual who runs an Ontario cottage rental business website. She was telling me that she has been recommending the Land O’ Lakes area to her clients for a place to buy. She sees it as a fantastic place to invest and affirmed to me that there will be no problem renting any cottage property. Another individual I spoke with coined a phrase that I think speaks the truth - "Ontario's Cottage Country on the rise". It has been for many years and shows no signs of letting up. Our lakes are terrific and many great environmental plans have been implemented to protect the natural beauty of this area. If you’re contemplating a recreational or home purchase, check us out! ...more

Location, Location, Location
Many investors’ cardinal rule when it comes to buying Real Estate is LOCATION. Signs of which include, indicators of forthcoming growth such as easier transit, potential expansion of the city, influx of population, the list goes on. We may not tend to think about recreational properties as being an investment or even part of a retirement plan. The main purpose is a family getaway property where we can leave behind the day-to-day hustle and bustle to focus on enjoying our family while building lasting memories. However, there is an additional bonus to buying a recreational property. In my 17 years of being a Realtor™, I have seen tremendous growth from an investment perspective of these properties in the Land O' Lakes area. One key attribute to this growth is...LOCATION! One hour thirty minutes west of our Nation's Capital, two hours thirty minutes east of Toronto and just a short distance north of Highway 401 and Kingston. With the expansion of a four-lane highway from Ottawa to Carleton Place and several passing lanes on Highway 7 being added, it has made the commute easy. Currently people travel Highway 401 from Toronto east to their cottages but now Highway 407 is being extended to Highway 115 giving people an optional way to travel to the Land O' Lakes. Continued infrastructure upgrades to ease commuting and continued local government planning to ensure the quality of our lakes, benefits recreational property owners and local communities alike. With 5,000 lakes at our back door, I see this area as a very special place for people to come and build those lasting family memories. Plus, the added bonus...a place to invest their money into a beautiful piece of real estate. ...more

Make the Most of Your Winter HERE in the Land O' Lakes
As children we loved being outside in the snow; we’d build forts for hours, have snowball fights, go sledding & skating; as adults we often long for the winter to be over – unless of course we take advantage of those wonderful winter months & remind ourselves what it’s like to LOVE the snow again!! There are so many winter activities that we can take advantage of here in the Land O’ Lakes Region; Ever thought of camping in the winter? How about Dogsledding? The Land O’ Lakes is enjoyed and visited by many all year-round. The winter months are becoming increasingly popular with so many winter activities to take part in; Snowmobiling, ATVing, Ice Fishing, Cross-Country Skiing, Snow Shoeing, Cottaging and much more. Make the most of your winter. Don’t hibernate! Get outside into the fresh air and create lasting memories with family & friends. Warm yourself up this winter with an exciting new adventure. ...more

Waterfront Market - spring 2016
Thank you Mother Nature for the mild winter; because of you we can expect an early start to our waterfront season. At this point there is already little to no snow in the woods and the ice is melting off our lakes a little more each day. Not only are we showing early signs of spring but we are also seeing signs that our waterfront market is picking up. With our current listings, we are receiving calls and emails on a daily basis. People are ready to get an early start on enjoying lakefront activities in the Land O’ Lakes. We have active Buyers looking for properties on Sharbot Lake, Bobs Lake, Big Gull Lake, Eagle Lake, Mississagagon Lake. We also have an active Buyer looking for an acreage property with a good amount of shoreline or even on a private lake. There are several Buyers who have been searching for specific property on other lakes in the Land O’ Lakes as well. If you are considering selling please call or email us about our services and to discuss your property. Spring is a great time to list in order to take advantage of the entire 2016 Selling Season. ...more

Some Interesting Information on Values in Land O' Lakes
During the winter I have a bit of time on my hands so I decided to compile some information on what the market price has been year over year. All of my information was gathered from the Kingston and Area Real Estate Board MLS sales. I thought that Bobs Lake would be a good lake for me to research, knowing that because of the large size of the lake, there tends to be sales year after year on this lake. I then wanted to narrow my search a little more just so the properties I was comparing had similar access, lot sizes and shorelines. I choose Maple Grove Estates on Bobs Lake as my research area. Below is the data I compiled. Year of Sale & Price Range 2001: $102,000 to $112,000 2005: $139,000 to $186,000 2010: $207,000 to $255,000 2013: $259,000 to $327,900 In addition, I noticed that one cottage sold in 2005 for $160,000 than re-sold (with some upgrades) in 2010 for $207,000. I have been a Registered Realtor® in the Land O’ Lakes area since June of 1999. Although I have seen prices continually climb year after year, I found it very interesting to pull facts on one lake and then more precisely on one area of that lake. We know that the Land O’ Lakes has beautiful, clean lakes and untouched natural beauty. We now also see from historic data that a cottage property has been and continues to be a fabulous investment. ...more

Sharbot Lake Waterfront Farmers Market
There’s a special event this Saturday at the Sharbot Lake Farmers Market! Our local and very talented Blue Skies Community Fiddle Orchestra will be performing at our lakeside market from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm as a fundraiser for their trip to PEI this summer. Bring a lawn chair and enjoy the beautiful lake view, buy some delicious produce for the cottage and perhaps you’ll also find a new handcrafted acquisition for your waterside retreat! If you haven’t checked out this summer market by the lake you’re missing a great venue. Not only are there locally grown and produced market foods but other local handcrafts as well – all from within a 100 km radius! Farmers Market every Saturday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, through Thanksgiving at Oso Beach in the Village of Sharbot Lake. ...more

Wildlife Emerging
Spring is definitely just around the corner! The sun feels warmer, when it decides to come out, even though the nights are still cold. Why not take a drive on a sunny afternoon along less travelled roads here in the countryside. We are seeing the wildlife stirring as they, too, are anticipating the coming of Spring. We’ve come across deer at the side of the road; we see the red-winged blackbirds swaying as they hold tight to the brown cattails waving in the wind; Canada Geese are flying and honking overhead once again . As the ice melts off the lakes we will soon hear the Loons calling – one of the best sounds of cottage country! ...more

Spring is Here!
As winter passes, we at Lake District Realty are busy planning for this year’s Cottage & Backyard Show taking place at the EY Centre in Ottawa, April 10-12th. We hope that Ottawa will come out to meet us and get the scoop on the 2015 waterfront market. Affordable cottages and wilderness waterfront only 1 – 1.5 hours west of Ottawa’s door step. By all indications, we should have a wonderful selection of family cottages, waterfront lots and year-round waterfront homes. In March, we have commence the task of meeting owners, evaluating their properties and preparing the listings for the April 01 start date. We will bring many of these listings to the tradeshow so if you are a waterfront owner contemplating selling, a phone call now is in order to book a marketing team visit and get listed in time for the cottage show. If you’re contemplating buying, we will be on deck to answer questions about the Lake District and specific buying questions. This region offers great swimming, boating, fishing, ATVing, birdwatching, hiking and the list goes on.. 5,000 lakes and 5,000 opportunities. If you have filled out a property profile request on our website, please be sure to update it if you have any changes in your requirements. See you at the Ottawa Cottage Show! ...more

Winter is Upon Us ...
The ground will soon be covered with snow and our thanks go out to all the families that listed with us and we welcome all those families that will be joining the Lake District region in their new waterfront properties. If you visit our sold section on our website you will see how healthy the market was this year. Buyers were impressed with our inventory and five attentive staff to assist in their purchase. As we wind down for the 2014 season, we ask all waterfront property owners who are contemplating selling in the 2015 season to get in touch and have us give them a free market assessment. This assessment will tell you clearly what your property is worth, what you should list it for and what our marketing strategy is. Our company is a marketing company. New listings will begin appearing on our site in March and those properties will be featured at the Ottawa Cottage Show, April 10 – April 12, 2015. Let us know if you wish to be part of our repertoire. Season’s Greetings from the team at Lake District Realty! ...more

Late Fall / Early Winter ...
During the late fall and early winter months we continue to visit with current owners who are contemplating selling their waterfront properties in the Land O’ Lakes tourist area. You will begin to see new listings appear on our site in early March, 2015. Early signs declare that we will have many beautiful waterfront properties for the 2015 market. In the meantime, we invite you to visit the sold section of our website to view properties which have sold this past year. This will help you to determine the price range of waterfront lots, homes and cottages in this region. You will appreciate the value and the beauty offered in the Land O’ Lakes district. Visit our Property Profile system to connect with us and tell us what it is you are looking for. This system is intended for Buyers who are actively looking to purchase in 2015. Once you complete your profile you will begin a one-on-one relationship with the agents at Lake District Realty. Have a safe, wonderful winter season! ...more

Fall - THE perfect time to purchase
What do you mean you haven’t bought a cottage yet!? If you have looked and can’t find it come on out and tromp some land and cottages with us. September and October are fabulous months to see waterfront and land. You’re on our site; call us to see Kennebec Shores; Estate lots with 300’ of water frontage and 3 + acres of private, ready-to-build land, OR check out our cottages priced to sell! Mortgages are at a record low; invest and enjoy your money at the same time. Call us for a fall tour. ...more

Fall Sales in Full Swing!
Fall Colours are here and waterfront sales are in full swing. There is no better time to check out water quality, lot quality and the cottage when the leaves have begun to fall. ...more

Sensitive Lakes … What are they?
Sensitive Lakes … What are they? One of the criteria in our area that deems a lake sensitive are those that are home to the Lake Trout species. The governing provincial and municipal bodies that are in charge of protecting the environment know that lakes which are home to Lake Trout have deep, cold trenches which Lake Trout need to survive. These species must have well-oxygenated, unpolluted water to live. The west basin of Sharbot Lake, Crow Lake, Eagle Lake, Buck Lake, Hungry Lake, Silver Lake, Bobs Lake (Green Bay), Mackie Lake, Mazinaw Lake, Palmerston Lake and Potspoon Lake are just a few identified “Lake Trout” lakes. ‘Sensitive’ means special provisions have been imposed regarding development on these lakes to prevent overtaxing the lake and its Lake Trout; just another way Land O’ Lakes is working to keep pristine lakes for its fish habitat, its residents and its cottagers. ...more

Who is Buying Waterfront?
Many times I’m asked “Who is buying waterfront in the Land O’Lakes area?” It’s an interesting question to contemplate. I’ve noticed our market splitting into two types of buyer categories, possibly due to the different generations of buyers. We have the Generation X (born late 1960’s to 1980’s) who are business owners or have been in ‘upwardly mobile’ careers and have owned their homes for years enabling them to build equity in their homes. Most have small children and know that the cottage is that special place where they will build memories with their kids that will last a lifetime. As well, as diverse investors they have seen how real estate makes for a great investment. We also have the Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) who I refer to as the ‘Retiree Generation’. They are now working on fulfilling their well-deserved dreams of retiring to the lakes. After dedicating their life to raising and providing for their family, it is now time to sell the large city home and buy that beautiful waterfront home. Thanks to the past real estate booms that have seen city markets rise, many people will buy their waterfront home, sell their city home and live mortgage free with, perhaps, additional retirement savings. The central location which the Land O’ Lakes offers has proven to be a great location to move to or to cottage in. This area offers a great meeting point for retirees who have children working in these major centers of Eastern Ontario. Close to many small villages which offer the essential services and being 1 hour 30 minutes to Ottawa, 1 hour to Kingston or Belleville and 2 hours 30 minutes from Toronto. As our world economies continue to piece themselves back together after the ‘Great Recession’ and we start to enter another growth period we will continue to see an increase in demand of waterfront properties. Since all of us know what happens when we see demand rise and supply stay the same (there are no lakes being created!), there is no doubt in my mind that it will only continue to be more difficult to obtain waterfront property. ...more

Bass Fishing
June 21 marks the opening day of Bass in the Land O’ Lakes area. From the large lakes to the more remote smaller lakes, an angler can be sure to hook a Large or Small Mouth Bass. Bass fishing has always been one of my son’s and my favourite things to do out on the water. From his first days of trying to cast his lure, to learning patience while waiting for a bite, to being able to out-fish his old man now, we always have a great time on the water. I hope everyone is able to make some time to try out this great sport. Be sure, when on the lakes to keep an eye out for Lake District Realty “For Sale” signs. We have many great properties available this year. I hope to see you on the lakes! ...more

Wanted for Qualified Buyer
Spring is just around the corner and so is the 2014 cottage season. We are looking for a private, quality finished, executive cottage on a medium to large size lake in the Land O' Lakes area. Timber frame is a bonus! If you have been considering selling please feel free to call the office for a no obligation consultation. ...more

A New Year!
Welcome to 2014! A new year and a winter full of surprises! Today, January 14th, the temperature on our road sign shows 5°C above and last week it was 24°C below. The mood in the office today is ‘lookout Spring!’. We know this is not realistic but we are looking forward to the Spring Cottage Shows that LDR will be attending this year. We will be at three well-attended shows: February 7, 8 & 9 in Kingston, Ontario; March 28, 29 & 30 in Toronto, Ontario and April 11, 12, 13 in Ottawa, Ontario. At the shows, one of our feature properties will be a NEW Waterfront Community – KENNEBEC SHORES. These Executive size lots on Kennebec Lake are located near Arden, Ontario. Lot sizes are from 2.4 acres to 3.4 acres and each enjoys approximately 300 feet of good shoreline in a mature, wooded section of the lake. Kennebec Lake is 14 miles long with easy access off Highway #7 just west of Sharbot Lake Village. This lake will appeal to those looking to retire on the water or just to build that special year-round cottage to escape to. These waterfront lots are priced at $240,000 to $265,000 with off-water lots priced at $65,000 to $80,000. Kennebec Shores will have paved roads and 20 meter roughed-in driveways. There are 16 waterfront lots and 8 off-water lots in total. We have decided to stay open for business this winter so feel free to call us for real estate advice or a property evaluation for listing purposes. Don’t forget that we are also available to help with any of your buying requirements. We look forward to serving your needs in 2014! ...more

Location, Location, Location!
Land O’ Lakes is becoming one of the new desirable cottage and recreation areas for people living in Ottawa, Toronto, and cities located along the Highway 401 corridor. The old adage we have all heard is that when it comes to Real Estate investment we should consider location, location, location. Being 1 hour west of Ottawa and 2 hours 30 minutes east of Toronto, the Land O’ Lakes area is gaining traction for those fortunate individuals who are able to purchase a waterfront property. Land O’ Lakes has been branded as having ‘5,000 Lakes 5,000 Adventures’. It’s now also being known as a great spot to cottage or to retire to. A quiet area with a natural setting but still affording easy driving distances to smaller villages. The area maintains its small community spirit while also offering many of the amenities larger towns may have such as medical, educational and entertainment. Take some time to visit the area, you may find that it meets the all-important criteria – location, location, location! ...more

How Realtors Help!
In the midst of my TV watching yesterday evening, a commercial came on. It displayed a lady sitting at a desk filling out papers. She was in a frenzy, frantic, frustrated and erratic. It was a comical display of an exasperated home owner attempting to sell her home privately. It was priceless. The point seemed to be that ‘going it alone’ may not always be the best choice - find out how a Realtor™ can help you. Realtors™ take their role in representing you and your property very sincerely. Extensive Continuing Educational courses are mandatory for Salespeople and Brokers enabling them to stay current with the ever-changing and evolving marketplace. Realtors™ are bound by a strict Code of Ethics and always work in the best interest of their clients. Realtors™ can help take the guessing out of the equation. Selling a property requires much time and dedication. It’s a fulltime job and requires years of experience. Advertising and marketing your property to the appropriate client base and then screening those clients is but only one aspect of how Realtors™ help. Being aware of changing market trends and property valuations are crucial when determining a listing price and negotiating for top dollar. Realtors™ base property values on a multitude of factors which may not be evident to a Seller. A Board’s MLS system allows Realtors™ to display offerings on, the single most powerful tool for buying and selling a property. Realtors™ are with you every step of the way, from listing, to procuring an offer, to negotiations and closing. They offer additional services and connect you with other professionals such as lawyers, home inspections etc. Before you decide to ‘go it alone’ find out how we can help. People have been putting their trust in us for over 25 years! ...more

Why is Marketing so Important to a Listing?
Whether you are on the selling spectrum or the buying spectrum, having a marketing strategy in place to present your waterfront home or cottage to the public is of huge importance and value. With technology being ‘at hand’ for most of us, information can be obtained and exchanged at lightning speed. With that in mind, we aim to ensure the information we present is as attractive and professional looking as possible. Here at Lake District Realty we place high emphasis on what our viewers, both Sellers & Buyers expect when viewing properties on our website and in print; after all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Visual information such as professional photos, videos, feature sheets and mapping displayed on our website allow us the opportunity to present additional and relevant information pertaining to a listing; generally speaking, it enhances the viewer’s overall experience. It’s not just about the quantity of information being put forth, more importantly, it’s about the quality! We take a great deal of pride, time and money to ensure the properties we represent are showcased in the best light possible. We do this by using a professional photographer and fulltime marketing person to promote our properties to Buyers & Sellers. Whether it is online marketing or print marketing/advertising – visuals play a significant role in what information is retained by an individual in the advertisement, the feature sheet or the online video. Visuals engage people’s interest therefore being an extremely significant resource for a marketing company such as LDR and why it is such a vital part of the listing process. ...more

Sensitive Lakes ... What are they?
Sensitive Lakes … What are they? One of the criteria in our area that deems a lake sensitive are those that are home to the Lake Trout species. The governing provincial and municipal bodies that are in charge of protecting the environment know that lakes which are home to Lake Trout have deep, cold trenches which Lake Trout need to survive. These species must have well-oxygenated, unpolluted water to live. The west basin of Sharbot Lake, Crow Lake, Eagle Lake, Buck Lake, Hungry Lake, Silver Lake, Bobs Lake (Green Bay), Mackie Lake, Mazinaw Lake, Palmerston Lake and Potspoon Lake are just a few identified “Lake Trout” lakes. ‘Sensitive’ means special provisions have been imposed regarding development on these lakes to prevent overtaxing the lake and its Lake Trout; just another way Land O’ Lakes is working to keep pristine lakes for its fish habitat, its residents and its cottagers. ...more

Septic Systems
The other day I was talking to an owner who was thinking about listing his cottage when the topic of the septic system came up, as it naturally would. As we chatted he mentioned that there seemed to be some problem with the system and upon further investigation discovered that the septic tank was an old metal tank which appeared to be in bad repair. As he really wasn’t sure what to do, he asked my advice. I checked with the area Health Unit and was told that the best way to deal with a possible failing septic system is to contact a local licensed installer. Have the installer determine the problem and advise what remedy your system needs. Once advised, obtain an application from the area Health Unit for any remedial action. Once your application is approved, contact your septic installer. A complete list of installers for this area can be found on the Kingston Frontenac Lennox Addington Health Unit (KFLA) website. Your local Health Unit also has lots of helpful brochures on types of septic systems available. ...more

Who Is Buying Waterfront?
Many times I’m asked “Who is buying waterfront in the Land O’Lakes area?” It’s an interesting question to contemplate. I’ve noticed our market splitting into two types of buyer categories, possibly due to the different generations of buyers. We have the Generation X (born late 1960’s to 1980’s) who are business owners or have been in ‘upwardly mobile’ careers and have owned their homes for years enabling them to build equity in their homes. Most have small children and know that the cottage is that special place where they will build memories with their kids that will last a lifetime. As well, as diverse investors they have seen how real estate makes for a great investment. We also have the Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) who I refer to as the ‘Retiree Generation’. They are now working on fulfilling their well-deserved dreams of retiring to the lakes. After dedicating their life to raising and providing for their family, it is now time to sell the large city home and buy that beautiful waterfront home. Thanks to the past real estate booms that have seen city markets rise, many people will buy their waterfront home, sell their city home and live mortgage free with, perhaps, additional retirement savings. The central location which the Land O’ Lakes offers has proven to be a great location to move to or to cottage in. This area offers a great meeting point for retirees who have children working in these major centers of Eastern Ontario. Close to many small villages which offer the essential services and being 1 hour 30 minutes to Ottawa, 1 hour to Kingston or Belleville and 2 hours 30 minutes from Toronto. As our world economies continue to piece themselves back together after the ‘Great Recession’ and we start to enter another growth period we will continue to see an increase in demand of waterfront properties. Since all of us know what happens when we see demand rise and supply stay the same (there are no lakes being created!), there is no doubt in my mind that it will only continue to be more difficult to obtain waterfront property. ...more

It's Spring in our New Office!
Welcome to Spring at LDR’s new building located at 14202 Road 38 just a few doors up from our previous location of 25 years in the Simonett Building. We have new digs so come on in and have a look! Stop by to pick up area waterfront brochures and set up a personal area tour with one of our sales staff. We are running the roads actively listing properties that represent good quality waterfront and good value. We are listing affordable waterfront lots right up to executive lots and development parcels. Cottages, homes and pleasant secluded pieces of waterfront are high on our list. LDR has aligned itself with well-established, reputable manufactured cottage and home companies to simplify the building process. We will help you find the lot and connect you to builders to arrange the cottage, small or large. Let us help you find that ready to enjoy spot on the lake where you can build what you want and what you can afford. This is the year! Don’t miss another summer stuck in the city! The lakes are a place to get to know yourself and to connect with your family! ...more

Winter Fun at Lake Cottages
February is well underway and with the recent huge snowfall winter sports on and around the lakes are in full swing! Snowmobiling, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing are just a few of the activities to enjoy. If you have been thinking of heading up to the cottage in the winter now is a great time to get out there and enjoy a winter wonderland. Afterwards, curl up by the fire with a steaming beverage and enjoy the quiet view of the lake. Central Frontenac hosts its annual Heritage Festival coming up this Family Day weekend. Lots of exciting events around the lake areas for kids and adults to participate in. Crow Lake hosts a winter campout for the adventurous as well as a re-enactment of a fur trapper’s camp. Traditional rug hooking, spinning & weaving, soap making and goat milk cheese making are some of the other activities at this location. Sharbot Lake offers many food related activities, music, snow drags and the ever popular Polar Bear Plunge! Get on a horse drawn wagon for a trek to a restored Pioneer log home, check out the snow sculptures and a fireworks display at the beach Sunday evening. Kennebec Lake Association and the Tichborne Rink are also hosting fun activities. Just a small taste of the many activities in the area. Come on out to the lakes in cottage country to enjoy some winter fun! ...more

Alison's Winter 'Waterfront Company' News
Whether you’re feeling the blahs of winter or just having a blast in the snow, spring is near and our new offices a few doors up from the Simonett building are just about finished. Martina, our Office Manager, has us nicely packed up for the move. She is the key organizer of our activities and moving is a big one! All going well, our boxes and furniture will be transferred in the first few weeks of February. We spent January clearing out old files and assessing the 2012 season. We feel well prepared to begin 2013! The Realtors will be visiting owners in February and March; and we already know that we will have a wonderful selection of properties for all our buyers this spring. LDR had a very positive 2012.There was a wonderful selection of waterfront properties to choose from - older traditional cottages, newer modern properties and some lovely year-round homes. We had a broad selection of waterfront lots for those who want to stage their investment by building exactly what they want over a series of years. We have received some of the loveliest cards from buyers who have told us how much fun they are having and thanking us for helping them through the process of buying their dream waterfront. Many of you have registered on our Profile system .Bill has worked hard to send out listings for your consideration. Many families found what they were looking for thanks to Bill’s concentrated work with the Profile system which made the difference. In February and March we will be updating those Profiles for the new season. If you’re in the market for a waterfront property, get your Profile to us! Lake District Realty prides itself on doing a very thorough job resulting in invitations to very interesting properties to list and sell. Buying in the Land O’ Lakes region is special and our company provides many services to people who may have always wanted a cottage and need a lot of hands on help to understand the nuances of country living and especially waterfront living. We have a wealth of information to share. Nancy, our Marketing Administrator, will be preparing for the April Ottawa Cottage Show in March and we will have waterfront listings ready to take with us. You can see spring is not far away…we are gearing up! Joel, our Business Manager, and I look forward to seeing you this year. Wait no longer - your family is growing up around you! Build a cottage or build some memories! This is the year! ...more

Real Estate Retirement Planning ... What's in store for you?
“What to do?? I have spent my entire life working hard in order to provide for my family, keep a roof over their heads and food in the stomachs. I want them to enjoy some of the things I wasn’t able to growing up. My kids are now grown and raising families of their own; I am nearing retirement and now realize that I have choices when it comes to preparing for my future. I have worked very hard to get to where I am today and have a nice retirement nest to show for it. How do I see myself spending these years? Where do I see myself spending these years? These questions will soon require answers; after having spent so much time dreaming about my retirement, my plans seem to change daily. I have thought of downsizing our large family home to something that will require less time, energy and commitment on my part. Freeing some extra capital would be nice. If we sell our family home, where does our family get together? Our city home is not the same as it used to be; the city is busier and louder and we would like a quiet place to enjoy our retirement; a place where family can gather to create long-lasting memories. We have kids working in our Nation’s Capital and Toronto; our city home has tripled in value since our original purchase. Is it time to sell? Purchase a condo and maybe a summer home on the water? Or do we purchase a 4-season waterfront home and leave the city behind … for a while anyways.” As Realtors, we enjoy these conversations with many soon-to-be retirees. The Land O’ Lakes offers what many retirees are looking for; beautiful lakes, a peaceful setting with small villages nearby for amenities and in a convenient location for visitors. Prices for 3-season cottages range from $200,000 - $300,000. Waterfront homes begin around $280,000 and rise to nearly a million. Should you find lakefront living in your retirement plans or you simply want to discuss options that might be suitable for you, we are happy to sit down and chat over a cup of coffee or pick up the phone and have a conversation with you. ...more

Bill’s Blog on Modular Building
I have recently thought about building a new home and the work and preparation that goes into it. There’s a nice selection of beautiful building lots available in the area but I already have one so that’s one less thing to think about. Being from the old school, I had only considered framing the house from the ground up on-site. As I was deliberating over plans, a friend suggested I look into modular homes. These homes are available in a wide selection of plans and dimensions. They are built in plants in a controlled environment and then the pre-built sections are transported to your lot where they are placed on the prepared foundation. The sections are then joined and any finish work completed. Because the interior and most of the exterior of these home are finished at the factory I would be able to move in sooner than if I built on-site. Also, I would have a fixed price on the modular building but not the option to make changes during the building process. I still haven’t decided what to build but I think the modular concept deserves additional research. I’ll let you know what I decide! ...more

Fall Colours are here and waterfront sales are in full swing. There is no better time to check out water quality, lot quality and the cottage when the leaves have begun to fall. ...more

Building Your Dream Cottage in Land O' Lakes
Along with many years of selling homes, farms and vacant land both on and off water, I also enjoyed buying older uninhabitable homes and renovating them into nice places that I am proud to rent to my tenants. After several renovation projects, I had been bitten by the “building bug”! I decided I wanted to gain experience in the processes involved in building a new cottage. I have always felt the best way to learn was to go out and do. I joined forces with a very good high school friend; with a shoe string budget and very little cash on hand we set our eye on the goal and went for it. We made an offer on a small waterfront lot. This lot was not an easy build because of its size, building setback requirements, slope to the water and a right-of-way that went across the property. We made an offer conditional upon satisfying ourselves that a building could be built and a septic installed on the property. The offer was accepted and we had 10 days to satisfy our conditions. The next step was to take the survey into the local building department and meet with the building inspector. Being our first time, we sat down with the inspector and said “Can we build a cottage on this lot?” Yes, we were that vague. At that time we had no idea what we were going to build and figured our small lot would determine what we might be able to build for us. The building inspector reviewed the survey and said ‘yes as an existing lot of record as long as you can meet the necessary setbacks we would be good to go’. Our lot was less than half an acre in size so when we went back to determine where our building would go our most important tool that day was a 100 foot measuring tape. The same day we met a local septic installer at the lot to determine if a septic system could be placed on the lot; most of the lots we sell today are much larger than the property I choose and determining building sites are much easier. Wanting to get as much as experience as possible from this, we took it upon ourselves to handle all the details. There are many reputable contractors in the area to handle these details for you. It is their business to take your dreams and make them realities. After confirmation from the installer that a septic system would fit on the lot along with a building of approximately 800 to 1000 square feet, we waived our conditions and proceeded with the purchase of the lot. After taking possession, it was time to warm up the chainsaws and start to prepare a building site. We chose and purchased a cottage package from the Beaver Homes Home Hardware packages. Our septic installer submitted the septic application to the local health unit for approval. With that approval in our hands and the stamped plans from Home Hardware, we were able to purchase our building permit. The next step was to have the hired company come and install the septic, install the driveway and level the lot for the building. Our original plan was to build on piers but digging was so good that we opted to put a five foot basement in for storage of canoes, kayaks and other fun cottage items. While the machines were at the lot we had the septic installed, this was a cost saving measure since the equipment was already there. Tip on a small lot; leave the septic for last when the equipment returns to back-fill the basement. We now had no place to store material or park vehicles during construction. We opted to pour our own footings and then hired a local mason to lay the blocks for our foundation. The materials were dropped at site; nail aprons on, hired a couple more guys and went to work. Acting as the home owners, general contractor, builder and landscaper was a tall order while still working. But, it was a great experience and one I would do again. Most likely I will just opt for the home owner role this time and rely on the local contractors to get the job done. There are many nice lots available at this time and I am starting to feel that build bug come around again. The packages are a great way to build a cottage and will eliminate some of the overages on budgets. Prefabs are another quick way to get your building on site fast, but many times will not work in cottage country because of the cottage roads. In most cases I would try and build a relationship with a local builder, seek their advice and go from there. If you are not sure which contractor to trust; talk to the Realtors in the area, they will be able to give you names of reputable people to talk to. ...more

Are you still sitting in the city? Come stay & Play in scenic Sharbot Lake
Are you still sitting in the city? How about a tour of our scenic Land O’ Lakes region? Cottage sales are well under way and we have a wonderful selection of listings for folks who have been contemplating far too long and haven’t made the critical move to contact us – call us today and we’ll set up a 3-cottage tour that matches your family’s requirements. Come stay & play in spectacular Sharbot Lake district; stay at the Sharbot Lake Country Inn and take in wonderful East Coast entertainment or stay at the beautiful British B&B … swim at the village beach, pack a picnic and stay for the day – Stop in at the Maples or Kim’s Family Restaurant – enjoy ice-cream, pizza and more. We have 2 provincial parks offering over 400 sites, we have 1,000’s of lake to enjoy; this area has been a true fishing mecca for Canadians and Americans for generations and still thrills the anglers! We have many trails to explore, including the Trans Canada Trail. If you travel just north on Road 509 many of the back roads lead to Crown Land lakes with public access … visit Big Orman Lake and spend the day swimming and fishing with not a sole in sight. Crotch Lake is a kayaker or canoeists dream – enjoy days of canoeing with public launch and camping sites on most lakes… there is no recreation we can’t accommodate! Once you have fallen in love, come visit us, LAKE DISTRICT REALTY, we will help you find YOUR perfect waterfront location. We know the lakes; we are ‘The Waterfront Company™’. ...more

2nd Annual Cottage Tour / Open House - Saturday, July 21st, 2012
In the spirit of getting you all out to the country we are holding our 2nd annual cottage tour. 6 cottages will be open for your inspection on Saturday, July 21st. Go to: New Listings to view & print our Brochure. ...more

May 12th marked the opening day of Pike and Walleye fishing season. It was an amazing day on the lake, a record 25 degrees with lots of sun and fun. Families and friends all over the Land O’ Lakes area wet their lines on our local lakes for the first time this year. It was an great start to the season, lots of memories created and lots of fish stories to tell. I hope to see you on the lake! ...more

Ferrari is to the Car Market what Waterfront is to the Real Estate Market!
Yes….Waterfront Properties are the Ferrari’s of the Real Estate Industry. Driving down the road a thought came to me - if I owned a Ferrari and wanted to sell it, how would I do it? Would I put it in my front yard with a FSBO (ForSaleByOwner) sign on it? Hardly seems reasonable considering how I feel about my Ferrari. Would I post it online and have no idea how to target the buyer who understands the true value of my Ferrari and would actually pay me what it’s worth? Would I take it to a car lot that sells every make and model and doesn’t really appreciate my Ferrari by knowing the ins and outs or how to explain them to a potential buyer - if they could find a buyer? If I owned a Ferrari, not one of these ideas seems fitting. I would most likely drive my Ferrari to a Ferrari dealership, they understand Ferrari’s. They fix them, they know who buys them, and they know them inside and out. A place that understands what the true value of having a Ferrari means. Because that’s all they do… Lake District Realty is “The Waterfront Company”… because that’s all we do. ...more

Lake District Realty celebrates 25 YEARS!
Lake District Realty celebrates its 25th Anniversary of operation in the Land O’ Lakes Vacation Region this year! I felt that I would share the background of Lake District Realty in writing this blog. Centrally located in the Village of Sharbot Lake, the Brokerage opened in 1987 as a satellite office for J.M. Coulter located in Kingston, Ontario. After seven years in operation, J.M. Coulter’s main Broker became ill leaving us to join a major franchise or become an independent Brokerage. The decision was made to stand alone and focus on rural real estate in the Land O’ Lakes. Where did we get the name? I was born in England and there is a famous area with about five lakes where millions of people come every year for their holidays – it’s considered a very special part of England called the ‘Lake District’. I looked at the 5,000 lakes we have in this area and said to myself – ‘Now that’s a Lake District!’- so Lake District Realty was born. In the early years, we were an ‘everything’ Brokerage. We sold homes, farms, acreages, businesses and lots of waterfront properties. In 1990 the Brokerage expanded from a one person operation to two and, today we have five. The Brokerage now consists of three sales staff and two full time administrators – one for marketing and one for office and client management. It became evident that over 85% of our sales were in waterfront properties and growing. The need to focus on what we were best at turned the direction of Lake District Realty around in 2010. The Brokerage defined itself as a company designed to help the owners of waterfront to sell their property and to give buyers of waterfront property all the support they need to find the perfect place. Lake District Realty sourced out the creation and building of our state-of-the-art website with back office capability to manage buyer needs. We discontinued the listing of all off-water properties which was a very hard decision. Many good friends and neighbours wondered what we were doing giving up so many fine listings! It was decided that all resources would be focused on the lakes. Our team of people would have a minimum of 15 years in area sales and have a strong background living and playing on the area lakes. Our expertise would be felt the moment you called our office. We have established a non-competitive office where we all work together to sell every property we list. As a group of five, no matter when someone walks through the door, there will be an individual to will assist them with questions, take them to properties or help with an offer to purchase. There is no ‘ I ‘ in the word ‘TEAM’! We have such a wonderful collection of testimonials from clients that we know our decision was the right one! Twenty-five years and millions of dollars of sales later we are still excited to begin each day. We value the people we have met and helped and we look forward to all the great connections we will make in the future. Thanks for the memories and let’s make some more! Alison Robinson Broker of Record ...more

How is the Market?
As we enter another season it’s a time of reflection and excitement. We reflect over the past year’s market; the number of listed properties during the last year remained constant, but the number of sales were fewer with the average sale price being slightly higher. The Buyers were well informed and saw good value in the properties that they purchased. This year, with the early warm weather, we are already seeing inquiries coming in; both from Sellers and potential Buyers. The ice has melted on the lakes and the roads are open for travel, now is the time to look. Don’t allow the negative financial news stories stop you from making a sound investment. The secret is out! The Land O’ Lakes is the place to buy! ...more

Selling the Cottage?
After many hours of discussion with friends and family, the decision has been made to sell your home or cottage. Now what…. Who do I contact and how do I get started? Many people start looking in their area for a good Real Estate Brokerage by calling or emailing a friend or acquaintance for a contact name. Next question…How do I choose the correct Brokerage or Realtor to sell my property? Getting a referral from friends and family is a great way to begin; however, what worked for them may not work for you. Take some time to go online and research the Real Estate Brokerages and Realtors who sell in your area. Then start making some connections. Next step…Contact your choices by sending an email or pick up the phone. Always keep in mind how responsive the person is that you speak with or how promptly they respond to your email or voice message. You could start with something like: “Hi my name is Bill, my wife and I are considering selling our property. We own a cottage on Bob’s Lake, it’s a great spot but time for us to consider selling. We’d like to meet with you at the cottage so you could give us an idea what market value might be?” Then listen to see what response you get back. A seasoned Realtor will know how to keep this conversation going. A call like this sure gets my attention! Great job! You have made your first contact with a Realtor…now it’s time to see what the property is worth and decide if you will hire this Realtor to sell your property. Initial Meeting…Keep in mind this is an interview process. It’s not always about your property and what value the realtor places on it, the value must be supported through comparable sales in the area. You also need to feel a connection with the person you will be hiring to sell your cottage. You are selling one of your largest assets; it needs to be done right, especially when it is a rural waterfront property. You need to hire a Realtor that is experienced in rural waterfront sales in your area. There are so many more variables to consider, your Realtor needs to have good systems in place, contacts for lawyers, appraisers, home inspectors, septic pumpers, woodstove and chimney companies or anyone else who may need to be brought into the selling process. Ask them as many questions as you can and before you hire them make sure you are happy with the answers. Here is a link to an interesting article I read, it’s for Realtors but has a lot of great stuff for sellers. Here’s a tip…Establishing the right asking price in a competitive market is one of the key elements to selling your property. Sometimes hiring an independent appraiser for a non-biased appraisal is a good idea. This is not always necessary but if you have several different suggested listing prices from Realtors or have a market where sales are scarce and pricing the property is difficult it may help to provide clarity. This is also a great tool for your Realtor to have in their selling file. When you have hired the right Brokerage to sell your property, your anxiety level should come down. Keep in touch with your chosen Realtor, see if there is anything you can do to help. Remember, if you want them to work FOR you, you need to work WITH them. Happy Selling!!! ...more

February Fun Stuff at Sharbot Lake!
An amazing weather pattern over cottage country this winter! If you feel like a change of venue why not come to Sharbot Lake? Watch or participate with hundreds of snowmobile enthusiasts as they test their ‘sled’ handling skills on February 11th for ‘Snow Drags’ at Oso Beach. Get out on the lake and gain a free suntan! There will be food vendors and area restaurants to enjoy a hot meal or snack. Oso Beach is located in the Village of Sharbot Lake near the Medical Center directly off Road 38. ‘Snow Drags’, Family Fun Day on February 20th at Oso Beach and the ‘Heritage Festival’ February 24, 25, 26 are a few of the fun events to take in at Sharbot Lake just 1-1/2 hours from Ottawa where a new world of snow, sun and activity awaits. Spring listings will soon be appearing. This month we visit with potential listings - that translates into fabulous cottages and year-round homes available on Eastern Ontario’s finest freshwater lakes. Land O’ Lakes – come play and stay with us! ...more

Should you LIST your Waterfront Property in the Winter?
After many years of offering a general Real Estate service to the people in Sharbot Lake and surrounding area, Lake District Realty chose to become a specialized company, a ‘boutique’ company if you will, The Waterfront Company™; we list and market waterfront properties in the Land O’ Lakes region. By making this adjustment it has allowed us to broaden our coverage of the area lakes, focus our marketing, keep up-to-date with the market and provide professional advice to clients & customers looking to sell or buy waterfront properties. We chose not to list or sell waterfront properties in the winter, there are no advantages to Sellers or Buyers! One of the key elements when purchasing a waterfront property is – the waterfront! Quality of shoreline is the key feature of a waterfront property; the quality of waterfront plays a big role on the value and the functionality of the property. Is it deep? Is it weedy? Is there a sandy beach? The months where the lakes are frozen leave the Buyers guessing at what they may be purchasing. Cottages are very beautiful in the winter and offer lots of fun winter activities and, is a great way to build family memories. But when buying a cottage most of us perceive that experience as standing on the dock watching the sun glisten off the water, paddling or boating on the lake, seeing the loons and feeling those warm rays of the sun. With good reason, in winter, many Buyers will and should come back to view the property when the ice has left - thus leaving the property listed for the entire winter season! Have you ever heard the term ‘Stale Listing’? If a listing sits on the market for too long, it becomes what is referred to in the industry as ‘stale’; it becomes less attractive to Buyers and Agents. Questions begin to arise such as “Why has this property been sitting on the market for so long; what’s wrong with it?” Even though the reason is a logical one - waterfront properties very rarely sell in the winter. So, the end result is that Sellers obtain less than fair market value and Buyers miss out on looking at properties that would actually fit their needs! ...more

Taking the time to follow these 5 simple steps will give you peace of mind throughout the winter months & ensure the cottage is ready to be occupied again in the spring. Here are your 5 EASY steps to closing up the cottage …. Until spring that is!! Step 1. REMOVING ALL FOOD – ALL food (including canned goods) should be removed to avoid attracting bugs, mice or other animals seeking winter grub! P.S. defrost the refrigerator/freezer and leave the door open a crack to avoid mildew. P.P. S. – don’t forget to clean the BBQ. Step 2. WATER SUPPLY - To prevent your water lines from freezing & possibly bursting drain the pipes completely. Fill traps & toilet with a non-toxic anti-freeze. This is also an ideal time to check your plumbing & faucets after summer use. Step 3. ELECTRICAL SYSTEM - It is a good idea to shut the electricity down completely; do so by throwing the main switch at the electrical panel & unplug all appliances. Step 4. PREPARING YOUR DOCK FOR WINTER – As the lake freezes and the ice comes & goes it can wreak havoc on your dock! Be sure to remove your dock from the water to avoid possible damage. Step 5. BOARD UP SCREENED AREAS – This will ensure the screens on your sunroom, gazebo or porch are not damaged from storms or animals seeking shelter. NOTE: Another great tip is to take photos of the interior & exterior of the cottage when you leave in the unfortunate event of fire, theft or weather damage. Don’t take chances with your summer home – it is a big investment and one that you and your loved ones will use for years to come - and remember, spring isn’t that far away … ...more

Fall sales have exceeded spring sales in 2011 as Buyers move their money from the faltering stock market to solid investments such as gold & waterfront properties. Land has always been a favourite Canadian place to store wealth. The first waterfront lot I listed in 1987 sold for $4,000 that same lot this year sells for $150,000. Similar comparisons hold for cottages that sold then for $49,000 and now for $250,000. Consider the value of time spent at a family cottage. If you live in Ottawa you’re only ½ hour to a whole new world, one of peace & quiet & adventure. The findings of a recent national survey concluded that when asked to compare the stock market in terms of providing a better financial return, 50% chose recreational properties while only 29% chose the stock market, the balance was undecided. You’re at our site; we have a wonderful selection of waterfront cottages, homes & lots available. With interest rates at an all-time low and prices that are exceptional, now is a great time to let us organize a Custom Fall Cottage Tour for YOU! Call today and let us help you decide which 3-4 properties will best suit your needs. ...more

“So, how’s the real estate market these days?”
“So, how’s the real estate market these days?” That’s the question we’ve been asked a lot this summer! This year’s summer real estate market has given us much more than the usual amount of available lakefront cottages for buyers. If you are still looking for a family cottage, don’t give up! Now through November is an equally good time to search with so much to choose from. Perhaps you already know that you’ll be buying that piece of waterfront paradise in the spring – why not look now with a view to taking possession of your cottage after Winter when the weather warms up in Spring! Give us a call – we’d love to help make it happen! ...more

New App for Smartphone has launched a new app for Balckberry and iPhone. This app is a great way to see what is currently listed for sale on mls. We have downloaded the Blackberry app and tested it ourselves. This is a well thought out app that offers many great features. It uses GPS technology to search properties in the area you are in, provides clear details of the properties and give you driving directions. Check it out!. ...more

LDR has never had such a fantastic selection of waterfront properties on the shelf. We are opening 13 properties for YOU to view during one full weekend. Please click here for full info. We hope that you take advantage of this amazing opportunity! As a Buyer this is one of your best chances to find your perfect waterfront home or cottage… We have a great selection that won't last long and with interest rates at an all-time low NOW is the time. Don't waste another summer shopping for your waterfront property, act now. We hope to see you....At the Lake! ...more

Let the August Long Weekend Begin !!
“Residents of Ontario and Quebec can expect hot, sunny days, ideal for hitting the water…” The Canadian Press – Diana Mehta After a rainy and quiet cottage market in the month of June, we have certainly made up for it with our hot rainless month of July. 3 Season cottages are the hot ticket among cottage buyers. We have had and still have a beautiful selection of waterfront properties in the Land O Lakes area. Thinking about looking at some waterfront properties? Take advantage of the hot weather to come and our still all-time low interest rates. Come see us, we can make that cottage ownership dream a reality! ...more

Happy Canada Day!!
HAPPY CANADA DAY!! It really doesn’t take much to realize how fortunate we all are to live in this great country. Eastern Ontario is an area of geological wonders … there are hundreds of lakes, rivers and streams … 1/3rd of the world’s fresh water … mature forests and abundant wildlife. This month’s blog is a call to action… Many Boomers and Zoomers are buying in the United States to secure an affordable home away in the winter months, selling their large city residences and buying small units in the city and escaping to the lakes for the summer months. Instead of that small city unit why not consider a home on one of our beautiful fresh in-land lakes. Land O’ Lakes is located between between Ottawa, Toronto and Kingston, a perfect setting to purchase your lakeside home, and a great place for the grandkids to visit. We are only one and a half hours from the nation’s capital – a short ride to Ottawa! We are half way between Montreal and Toronto … The Lake District is a fully serviced region will full medical services and retail services. A well-respected hospital within half hour of most properties … The major centre, Kingston is less than an hour away. Perth and Kingston have been identified as two of the most attractive places to retire to in Canada, second only to Vancouver. Make sure you have over a million dollars to buy a small home in Vancouver. If you look at our site for under $500,000, one can buy a 1500 sq. ft. 4-season waterfront home that anyone would be proud to own. If I am talking to you … call in and let us introduce you to our beautiful area! Joel, Bill, Alison, Martian & Nancy ...more

The Cottage Season Has Begun!
June is here!! Oh my … cottage season is upon us and we have a wonderful selection of cottages to choose from. Cottages from $149,000 to $950,000. Cottages with 250’ of waterfront and Crown surrounded for $188,900. Cottages that reflect yesteryear, that rustic experience, to premium 4-season homes that will welcome you to live & play here in the Land O’ Lakes. Sharbot Lake is a fully serviced rural community with all the amenities. The season began slowly with rain, cold weather dampened spirits but as May approached interest surfaced and cottages and waterfront lots began to sell steadily. The Bailey Road cottage sold and the new family is having fun on the lake. That 4-acre spectacular lot on Crow Lake sold and no doubt the new owners will find out how special the man-enhanced channels into Bobs Lake really are! Bobs Lake cottage found a family that use to camp on the lake but decided that there is no place like your own. Many of our Buyers are holding onto cash that is earning little or no return, consider time with your family and its value. Consider that historically the value of a cottage has doubled in 5-7 years. A cottage is just a darn good investment! Call us, Lake District Realty as we are a speciality company designed to help you find that special spot. We will assist you from the very beginning in the search to find your perfect waterfront property until the day of closing. After closing we are here to help you get connected with all the community services. Happy trails to you! ...more

Check our new Listings in Land O' Lakes Cottage Country!
Spring has sprung and it looks as if summer is not too far away! Every now and then we are propelled forward for a small taste of the weather to come. New waterfront property listings are now coming onboard almost daily. Take a look at our listings and give us a call if any of these waterfront properties are of interest to you. We are soon launching a new, refreshed look to our website. Keep an eye out – we’re anticipating the re-launch mid-May. Ahhh - warm, sunny days are ahead with beautiful views from your cottage of the water sparkling like diamonds! Get in touch with us – we’d love to help you find your waterfront paradise. ...more

We're Here! Ottawa Cottage Show
We’re here! Our booth is set up at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa and we’re ready to share our first hand knowledge of the beautiful Land O’ Lakes tourist region. We have some great cottages and vacant lots available. There’s lots of literature, maps, pictures and write-ups on waterfront properties that we currently have available. Drop buy and talk to us about that dream waterfront family cottage you’re in the market for. If you have a property to sell, let our waterfront expertise help you! Hope to see you at the Cottage Show! ...more

Ottawa Cottage Show Coming Up!
The Ottawa Cottage Show is nearly upon us and we will, of course, be attending again. This year’s Show dates are April 8, 9 and 10. It will be held, as last year, at Lansdowne Park. It’s a great outing for the day with lots of vendors for everything ‘Cottage’. Drop by our booth in the Real Estate section of the show as we’d like to meet you and share our expertise of the Land O’ Lakes region with you. Bring your questions, take a look at our listings, check out our maps – get a feel for why we think the Land O’ Lakes region with it’s thousands of lakes is worth considering. ...more

Winter Wonderland
The much anticipated Southern Ontario storm hit the Land O’ Lakes region with approximately 30 cm of fresh, brilliant, fluffy snow! Come and enjoy the numerous winter activities that the region has to offer. Snowmobile and ATV enthusiasts can explore a 700 kilometer network of trails including the Trans Canada Trail which has been freshly groomed. Take a day to explore a new village destination for lunch, dinner or overnight. Perhaps a slower pace to enjoy the scenery, such as snowshoeing or cross-country skiing is more to your liking. Don’t forget to bring your camera for some amazing winter photo opportunities! Our thousands of lakes are frozen over and skating rinks are popping up for the kids and adults alike. You’ll also see lots of ice fishing huts on the lakes were fisherman enjoy the cozy warmth of a fire catching that evening’s supper. If you thought a cottage was for 3 seasons only – think again! Bring the family and make some lasting winter memories. Come out and play in our winter wonderland! February 25, 26 & 27 - Frontenac Heritage Festival: Lots of exhibits, re-enactment of life in mid-1700s, skating, guided snowmobile tour, fun hockey and curling tournaments, variety show, breakfasts, Chili Fest and much more. Check for daily activities list at and click on ‘Visitors’. ...more

Season's Greetings
December is a month of reflection … whether you follow the Christian traditions or one of the many other alternatives, December is a time to slow down, bring family & friends together, help someone in need or just give thanks for what you have. As Canadians we can only wonder why so many are suffering around the world – we give thanks to those who give so generously of themselves to help the plight of others. At this time we wish to thank all those who placed their faith in our organization and wish all our readers a Safe and Happy Holiday! ...more

The New Buyer
The Land O' Lake’s area offers one of the most affordable places to own a cottage property in Eastern Ontario. Our quiet pristine lakes are hidden gems and one of Ontario’s best kept secrets. With today’s busy lifestyles and the added financial pressure one wonders how they could ever own a cottage to create memories with their family. We have begun to see some traditional cottage buyers become co-buyers of a cottage property. Family members, friends and neighbors are coming together to share the cottage ownership experience. This lightens the financial load, assists in maintenance costs and responsibilities and ensures maximum enjoyment is achieved from the cottage purchase. The Cottage Life website has a great article on how to draft a cottage sharing agreement published May 2009. The weather is co-operating and we have a number of impressive properties available for viewing as well as a few new listings. Replenish your awe… Revive your wonder… Recharge your spirit… Lake District Realty The Waterfront Company Bringing you to Tranquility ...more

October 2010
Thanks for visiting our site regularly to follow the listings we are offering. The addition of the video to all of our homes and cottages has been well worth the effort. We will continue to develop the site into the kind of tool buyers have asked for. We also are pleased to announce that many of the people who have logged onto our Property Profile have been connected with exactly what they were looking for in a wonderful waterfront property. Don’t curl up for the winter; we have some really beautiful properties that are extremely well priced. The latest bulletin from local Mortgage Agents is a five year 3.49% mortgage, so unbelievably low with the security of five years and no hikes in rate. Everyone is looking for a good place to put their money during these volatile times, why not in a family cottage. Historically, waterfront properties have provided a handsome return upon selling. We encourage you to look at the videos, but even more to call and come for a tour of 2 or 3 of our listed properties and see what a wonderful investment fall shopping can be. We are showing until December 15th at which time the Brokerage retires for a couple of months to let “Old Man Winter” rule … March 1st is the beginning of a New Year at Lake District Realty and with that a new collection of fine properties to list. Please call anyone of our agents to discuss any Real Estate question you might have. ...more

Time to buy that cottage!
We have been enjoying the summer weather this year and as we move into the fall season I expect we will continue to enjoy warmer than normal weather. This has been the hottest summer on record for the country and people have been taking advantage of that by being at the cottage. Fall is a great time to look for waterfront properties as the kids are back in school and the hectic summer pace has slowed to a calm beat. Land O’ Lakes region offers the cottage buyer thousands of lakes that are sparkling clean and easily accessible from Ottawa and Toronto. Our prices are substantially more affordable than anywhere else in the province and interest rates are still at an all time low. Don’t wait any longer, take a look at our selection of Waterfront Homes & Cottages and see what LDR has to offer. If building is on your mind, we have a large and diverse selection of Vacant Waterfront lots for you to choose from. Take the time to watch the professional videos for any property that looks interesting. If you have any questions about the area, the lakes, or specific property details, call us and we would be pleased to have a chat. This is a perfect time to make the move…It will change your life! ...more

Lake District Realty welcomes summer
We have had a very busy spring and our listings have been moving well. Our new video application has been well received by both Buyers and Seller alike. Make sure to watch our site as we are expecting to list several beautiful waterfront homes and cottages in the next few weeks. For those lucky people who have purchased a cottage this spring, congratulations. Enjoy the weather and keep watching our site! ...more

Land O' Lakes: The true cottage destination
Cottage life magazine has discuss the many cottage regions across Ontario; Land O' Lakes was mentioned. "Receding glaciers sculpted the scenic, varied terrain of this largely undiscovered region, which extends north of the 401, roughly between Belleville and Kingston. Farmland in the south gives way to rocky pastures and hayfields. From south of Hwy. 7 all the way up to the northern towns of Denbigh and Ompah, the Shield's pine and rock predominate. Happily for cottagers, glacial ice sheets carved out some 5,000 lakes in the 4,000-sq.-km region. Mazinaw Lake, for example, is one of the deepest in Ontario at 144 metres. Other sought-after lakes include Sharbot, Big Gull, Skootamatta, Crow, Bobs, and Kashwakamak. Cottagers enjoy the canoeing, boating, hiking (many multi-use trails, including old pioneer routes and the Trans Canada Trail, pass through this region), and wildlife sightings. The fishing is good (lake trout, bass, pike, and the elusive walleye), as is birding (350 species, including the endangered loggerhead shrike) and stargazing, with little light pollution. About a three-hour drive from Toronto, and two hours from Ottawa, the region is sparsely populated, with virtually no industry. Although you'll find towns offering essential services scattered throughout the area, the closest hospital is in Napanee, the Land O' Lakes' largest municipality. On the upside, lack of development means clean water and vast tracts of Crown land that guarantee plenty of unspoiled wilderness for those who value their solitude. Prices are on the rise, with many people buying vacant lots or renovating existing cottages for year-round use. As a result, waterfront properties with cottages are less common than they used to be." Read the full artice at: ...more

Waterfront Lifestyle
The waterfront lifestyle is one that only few Canadians are fortunate enough to experience but many are striving to achieve. There is no better place than being at the cottage during the warm summer months while cool breezes blow in from the lake. It is where one can come and truly turn the stress dial down. It is where one can come and build many lasting memories with family and friends. It is where one can be surrounded by natural beauty. If you are beginning your search to become one of the few who can achieve this lifestyle then be sure to get in touch with a REALTOR® who knows about the lakes you wish to purchase on. This will put you one step closer in the direction of waterfront ownership. ...more

Land O' Lakes Named Top 7 Markets to Watch for 2010
Last Cottage Life Magazine named Land O' Lakes as one of the top markets to watch for 2010. Below is the part of the article that mentioned the region. Make sure to follow the link below to see the whole artice. Enjoy! "Land O' Lakes The name is apt: Part of the Frontenac water system, Land O' Lakes is as large as Prince Edward Island and contains 5,000 pristine glacier-formed lakes—some don't even have names. What you'll pay $150-$600K. Typical cottage A three-bedroom, four-season place with 202 feet of sandy beachfront and a detached two-car garage sold last summer on Sharbot Lake for $379,900. Endorsement "The lakes are clean and healthy. And each one has a personality and an environment that suits different needs," says Alison Robinson, Lake District Realty. "For example, White Lake doesn't allow powerboating or fishing, perfect for sailing and swimming." Ideal for Cottagers into outdoor recreation. Canoeists and kayakers can paddle for three days straight, and the huge trail system is great for activities such as biking, hiking, skiing, and sledding. What prices are like in other regions What you'll pay Low ($000) High ($000) Amalguin Highlands 185 260 Bancroft area 200 340 Bruce Peninsula 160 1,000 Eastern Lake Erie 70 2,000 French River & Lake Nipissing 110 800 Georgian Bay North 90 1,550 Georgian Bay South 250 1,300 Haliburton 250 1,500 Kawarthas 180 500 Lake Huron 200 1,250 Lake Scugog & Rice Lake 100 300 Lake Simcoe & Lake Couchiching 300 1,000 Lake St. Clair & Western Lake Erie 200 400 Land O' Lakes 150 600 Manitoulin Island 100 400 Muskoka 250 5,000 North of Superior, including Thunder Bay 70 200 Parry Sound Central 250 1,000 Prince Edward County & Eastern Lake Ontario 200 1,000 Rideau Canal and lakes 100 1,000 River Country, including Crowe & Trent rivers 140 400 Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie & North Cannel 170 325 Sunset Country, including Lake of the Woods 130 500 Temagami & Lady Evelyn 100 350 Thousand Islands & St. Lawrence River 225 600 Upper Ottawa Valley 230 1,400" For the full article please go to: ...more

Thanks to all the folks that visited us at the Ottawa Cottage Show! We all had fun this winter building our booth which received rave reviews. Ottawa is only 1.5 hours from Land O' Lakes and we felt that many "Ottawaians" were not familiar with the "accessible wilderness" right on their doorstep. Many of the cottagers that come to Sharbot Lake and area travel 9 hours from Northern U.S. and 3-5 hours from Southern Ontario to reach our pristine lakes. We had an opportunity to bring the lake to the city! We have had the pleasure of showing many of our listings to cottage show visitors. We presently have $8,001,900.00 of fine waterfront properties listed at prices that reflect fair market value. We hope you notice most of our properties now have a very attractive video for you to view before you set out to look. We are open Monday - Saturday with 3 brokers available to introduce you to the lakes. We look forward to hearing from you if you are looking this year to buy or sell a cottage/home on the water. Make a favorite to view weekly. New listings and solds are being posted daily ... ...more

Changes to Mortgage Rules
Changes to the Rules for Government Insured Mortgages On February 16, 2010, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced changes to the rules for government insured mortgages. These changes are designed to ensure that Canadians are prepared for higher interest rates in the future and to maintain stability in Canada’s housing market. New Guidelines – Effective April 19th 2010 1) Qualifications for Buying a Home All borrowers with less than 20% down payment, will be required to qualify at a five-year fixed benchmark rate mortgage; even if they choose a mortgage with a lower interest rate and shorter term. Clients who choose a term of 5 years or greater can be qualified using the bank’s contract rate (current market rate). The 5 year benchmark rate is published by the Bank of Canada and can be found at the following site, 2) Purchase of Investor Property (Not owner occupied) Also, as part of these changes, when purchasing an investment property (not owner occupied) the minimum down payment required will increase to 20% of the purchase price. Today, the minimum down payment required at RBC Royal Bank ® is 15 %. 3) Limit the maximum on refinancing: Borrowers who are looking to refinance their mortgage can currently borrow up to a limit of 95% of the appraised value of their property. The changes announced on February 16th will lower the maximum mortgage amount to 90% of the appraised value of the property. This change will help ensure that homeowners don’t become overextended by using all the equity they have built up in their home when refinancing. CMHC GUIDELINES CHANGING APRIL 9 1) Self employed clients with non traditional income confirmation Effective April 9th changes have been made that reduce the percentage of financing available to clients who are self employed, have been in business for less than 3 years and who cannot provide traditional proof of income. Clients looking to purchase a home under this program will require a minimum of 10% down payment to be eligible. For clients who are seeking to refinance their existing residence, the maximum percentage of financing available under this program will be reduced to 85%. ...more

Cottage show a success!
The Lake District Realty team would like to thank everyone involved in the 2010 Ottawa Cottage Show. Our cottage booth was a great success and we had a lot of very positive feedback. The show was busy as expected and is a good sign for the summer real estate season. We were happy to see how many new and familiar faces showed up to say hello. All of our information and listings were very well received. Expect to see us at the booth in 2011. ...more

LDR launches new site for 2010
Lake District Realty - the Waterfront Company is proud to announce the launch of a new web site packed with features for buyers and sellers of Waterfront Property. New this year is an enhanced package for listings which includes GPS mapping, video capability and an expanded reach to qualified prospects through our Property Profile system - matching your wishlist with the perfect property. Mobile users can enjoy a streamlined experience to get to the most popular information quickly and easily. LDR has also joined the ranks of Facebook and Twitter to keep our prospects up to speed with any new listings or news relevant to Waterfront in the area. The slick interface is intuitive and will help the audience get a true representation of all the great things about owning waterfront property in Sharbot Lake. We invite you to visit our listings and contact us to experience the LDR difference. Enjoy! ...more

Spring Update
As winter passes quickly, we at Lake District Realty are busy designing and building our unique tradeshow booth which will be ready for the Ottawa Cottage Show from April 09 – April 11 at Lansdowne Park. We hope that Ottawa will come out to meet us and get the scoop on the 2010 cottage market. Affordable cottages and wilderness waterfront only 1 – 1.5 hours west of Ottawa’s door step. By all indications, we should have a wonderful selection of family cottages, waterfront lots and year-round waterfront homes. In March, we will commence the task of meeting owners, evaluating their properties and preparing the listings for the April 01 start date. We will bring many of these listings to the tradeshow so if you are a waterfront owner contemplating selling, a phone call now is in order to book a marketing team visit and get listed in time for the cottage show. If you’re contemplating buying, we will be on deck to answer questions about the Lake District and specific buying questions. We will have financing details and pertinent handouts defining the cottage country, the lakes and all the recreational opportunities. This region offers great swimming, boating, fishing, ATVing, birdwatching, hiking and the list goes on.. 5,000 lakes and 5,000 opportunities. The Edge magazine has forecast the interest rates will remain low in 2010 but will rise in 2011….When is the time to buy?....When purchase prices are reasonable and interest rates are low…that is this year. If you purchase before July, the blended HST will be avoided. If you have filled out a property profile request on our website, please be sure to update it if you have any changes in your requirements. Spring is closer than you think! See you at the Ottawa Cottage Show! Alison, Matt, Joel, Martina, Ev ...more

Seasons Greetings
The ground will soon be covered with snow and our thanks go out to all the families that listed with us and we welcome all those families that will be joining the Lake District region in their new waterfront properties. If you visit our sold section on our website you will see how healthy the market was this year. In spite of a global financial meltdown, Land O’ Lakes experienced its best year of sales. On average, the selling price was 95% of asking or better. Our company took great pains to price properties properly reflecting true market value. Buyers were impressed with our inventory and five attentive staff to assist in their purchase. As we wind down for the 2009 season, we ask all waterfront property owners who are contemplating selling in the 2010 season to get in touch and have us give them a free market assessment. This assessment will tell you clearly what your property is worth, what you should list it for and what our marketing strategy is. Our company is a marketing company. This year we introduced professionally produced videos of some of our listings. These videos were placed on YouTube for national and international exposure. This is part of our secret to successful selling. There is much more….let us visit you and give you the whole picture. We begin again in March 2010 to list new properties which will be featured at the Ottawa Cottage Show, April 09 – April 11, 2010. Let us know if you wish to be part of our repertoire. Seasons Greetings from The Lake District Team.....Matthew, Joel, Alison, Martina and Ev ...more

The Family Cottage...The investment that just keeps giving!
You may be a seasoned cottager, one who bought 15-20 years ago. You bought a cottage to buy valuable time with your family or just to retreat to nature, peace and quiet. The years pass by very quickly…the children may now be in another part of the country or just not able to get to the cottage, you may be thinking it’s time to move on to the next chapter. That cottage that you bought just keeps giving. Have you ever considered what the cottage can do for you now you have retired? If your cottage is paid off it may be worth up to half a million dollars but if it is only worth $250,000; it’s an asset that could free up a lot of monthly money. Based on a $250,000 sale (invested @ 6%) your income (off the principal) is $15,000/year Monthly money you were spending: Taxes, Insurance and Maintenance = $5,000/year Total = $20,000 *The cottage you purchased, and if sold, could add $20,000/year to your annual income. Maybe it’s time to call the waterfront specialists to advise you of the value of your cottage. Most area cottages sold from $250K-$350K in the 2009 season, we still have many registered buyers. Those folks will have the same pleasure you have had; all those years of wonderful memories and an investment that when it comes time to sell just keeps giving! Call us for a fall sale or to have an evaluation or get registered as a spring listing with Lake District Realty…..The Waterfront Company™. ...more

Fall Waterfront in the Land O' Lakes
Fall has arrived more quickly than we would have liked at Lake District Realty! We're sure you feel the same way! The summer listings have been both interesting and well received. The season, however, is not over! You will continue to see new listings loading each week. Is fall the time to buy? We believe it is! Why buy in the Fall? Consider the following: • It is the best time to see waterfront quality • Most sellers are attentive to offers • You have been researching the market and now have a good sense of values • Prices have been stable in spite of the economy • The waterfront in eastern Ontario has been in demand and is still the best buy in Ontario • Interest rates are 2.25% (prime) plus .3 to .7% • The fall weather is beautiful and the crowds have gone We are here to show you property until the snow flies. Remember – location, location, location! The Land O’Lakes Tourist Region is halfway between Toronto and Montreal. If your family is spread out, we are that 'halfway' place. The Land O’ Lakes - a great meeting place! We are marketing our listings and those of other companies. Contact us if you feel September, October or November is the right time to find that special waterfront property. Come on up for a tour of available properties. We'd love to meet you!! ...more

The Sharbot Blogger
The Sharbot Blogger…I’ve been called many things in my life but this is the best ever! The Sharbot Blog will be a weekly report on our activity in the community, the Real Estate World. This week began with an unusual task…contemplating how to encourage waterfront owners that it is not too late to list. Why list now?…We have three Buyers, who have an under $800,000 budget and we have no listings to match. Why a shopkeeper with no peas on the shelf! We have several Ottawa families looking for the traditional 3-bedroom cottage under $300,000. So, our first blog is to you the waterfront property owner who is ready to sell. Call us for a current market assessment on your cottage or waterfront lot. You may be pleasantly surprised at its value. 613-279-2108 ...more

Land O' Lakes.....A Recreational Paradise
I was once asked, So what do you do here? I believe I was asked that question by a lady who had just arrived from the city. The city, a place of endless shopping malls, theatres, bowling alleys, dinner clubs, recreation centres and the list goes on. It prompted me to think about the Lake District…what was there to do, why do people come here? Life has become an ear shattering nerve numbing existence. Coming to the country, to these lakes in particular, is about saving a small portion of your life for yourself and your family. The countryside and lakes offer the answer of “what to do”…a canoe or a kayak can be placed in the majority of the lakes and streams at public access points. On the Land O’ Lakes map, a small watercraft launch symbol denotes a public “no charge” launch; just be sure your craft is not transporting zebra mussels or foreign species from the last location. We have fabulous interconnecting water bodies such as Bobs Lake or the Crotch Lake 3-day canoe route into interior Crown Lands. Consider the Salmon River or the never ending Mississippi River system canoeing routes which commence in the Mazinaw and travel the entire Frontenacs into Lanark and beyond. Power boating and waterskiing can be enjoyed on lakes that are miles long. Fishing you ask! Some of the finest lake trout fishing can be experienced on ten area lakes. Why boast about lake trout? Lake trout require very deep and very clean water to survive. Natural Resources and our Township Councils have united to limit severances on lake trout lakes to maintain water quality “novel idea” and very progressive. Northern pike, small and largemouth bass, walleye, muskie, perch and panfish are all very healthy and abundant in the Lake O’ Lakes. Anglers don’t have to look beyond the lakes north of Kingston to find healthy fish fit to eat. Bob Izumi, a Canadian name in the fishing world, makes Eastern Ontario a frequent on his fishing shows and declares we have “some of the best fishing in Canada”. The last Saturday in June, bass fishing opens. In early May, trout, walleye and pike open. Walking you say…I just like to walk. Look no further. Sharbot Lake was the home of several railway lines stopping and directing cargo and people north, south, east and west. The trains no longer pass through the village of Sharbot Lake. Recreational trails have replaced the train tracks. Local residents with train history have spent years creating a living railway museum in the village. Walk to the former train station platform and you will find a short set of tracks that have been re-established along with railroad memorabilia. A visual pavilion has been erected with photos of the railroaders and early community life, the history comes back to life! Walking the railway line has been preserved for generations to come and extends to the limits of the Land O’ Lakes territory. On your walking tour, sit in the community herb garden or help yourself to some fresh sage or rosemary for the stew you have simmering back at the cottage. If you don’t walk or cross country ski, how about ATVings, snowmobiling, horseback riding or motocross. The recreational trails travel through 1000s of acres of untouched private and Crown Lands; horseback riding heaven. Several privately run stables with horseback trail riding and lessons are in the area. We share the trail respectfully with all walks of recreation activity. Three major Provincial Parks dot the region with landscapes Pierre Burton would find noteworthy. Enjoy sand beaches and 100s of fully serviced campsites or wilderness camping on Crown Land sites. Each park has an excellent site map. Lodges, resorts, housekeeping cottages can be found on the LAND O’ LAKES MAP; 19 campgrounds, 52 lodges, resorts, motels and housekeeping cottages are listed in the Land O’ Lakes region. Many more are quietly tucked away to be discovered. I was once told we have 5000 lakes in the Sharbot Lake and surrounding area. I really thought it was an exaggeration until I purchased a satellite-generated map and placed it on my office wall. This is truly an area of little strips of land wrapped around 1000s of water bodies – lakes, streams and rivers, an extension of the Thousand Islands. Villages Beautiful was established by a committee of local ladies who felt that the area villages were a charming place to visit. The group set up village committees and began funding projects which included planting trees, creating flower beds, building benches and commissioning artists to design and build visually beautiful village signs for the pleasure of the community and visitors. Back road bikers’ heaven! What can you do here? Hope I’ve answered the question…..Get in your car and travel the fall tour on the Labour Day weekend, visit 100s of residing artisans in their home and village studios, stop at the local eateries, spent a night at the local B&B or just stop in the municipal park in the village of Sharbot Lake and enjoy one of the regions finest sand beaches. No charge, just bring a picnic and swim with the kids. Give them your time to stop for awhile and soak up the beauty. Are you a painter? The group of 7 must have used our area as a backdrop; windswept jack pines, Canadian Shield rocky outcroppings, lakes and streams, woods and waterfalls. If you don’t own your own piece of this paradise, come and spend some of your time exploring the quiet unspoiled beauty of the Land O’ Lakes; the hidden gem between Peterborough and Ottawa. What do we do here?…..I think it is really about what we don’t do here that is the secret. If you need help finding that special place visit our site regularly, fill in your Property Profile “wish list” on our site or just give us a call. ...more

The Spring Market
The front cover of the April edition of the Canadian Business magazine reads "This could be the Buying Opportunity of a Lifetime". We agree! and so have many Purchasers. Lake District Realty has experienced its best April/May on record. Mortgage rates have never been lower; 3-4% and waterfront property prices in the Land O' Lakes region are among the best in the province. Please visit our sold section on our website to view recent sales. You will find family cottages priced from $200,000 to $350,000 and year-round waterfront homes selling for under $500,000. Owners of waterfront have been a bit reluctant to list but have been pleasantly surprised with selling prices logging in at approximately 95% from asking price. We are pleased with the excellent selection of listings ranging from $47,000 to $1M. We welcome back the American buyers who now enjoy a 20% spread on their exchange. If you're looking to buy waterfront and want direct agent assistance, do fill in our Property Profile request in the "Contact Us" section of our website. An agent will contact you directly when a listing matches your specifications. Location, location, location...come to Land O' Lakes, Eastern Ontario's best kept secret with 5000 pristine lakes, 1.5 hours from Ottawa and 3 hours from Toronto. Visit our offices Monday - Friday 9-5 or Saturday 10-4. We will provide you with a complete Buyer's kit including mapping, trail guides and area listings to explore. Happy trails from all of us at LDR! ...more

The April Report
Early signs indicate that the Land O'Lakes waterfront real estate market is off to a great start. If you look at our listing page you will be impressed with the high quality listings which we have accurately priced to sell. We have received multiple offers on several of our properties; sales are already logging in at a healthy rate. We can only assume that well priced waterfront homes and cottages are appealing as a good investment vehicle. A second consideration is the fabulously low interest rates. People who have been disappointed by the stock market are turning to real estate in well-priced areas. Land O' Lakes real estate prices are some of the lowest in Eastern Ontario. The weather has finally given way to open lakes and good passage on area roads. It is an interesting market place where the Sellers are respecting fair market value and the Buyers are appreciating the reasonable listing prices. For those of you who have not visited the Sharbot Lake, Ontario area, you will be pleased to find a fully serviced rural waterfront community with all of the retail and medical services. Ottawa, Canada's capital is only an hour and a half away and a short 50 minutes away historic Kingston, Ontario. Perth, one of Ontario’s most charming towns is only 30 minutes away. Take a road tour and discover the Land O’ Lakes secret… ...more

Spring is Listing Time!
LDR is an upscale brokerage, listing and selling waterfront properties in the Land O’ Lakes region. Cottage Life magazine asks…”Why not invest in something worthwhile this year…yourself.” We share their sentiments, life by the water either cottage or full-time living cannot be matched. Over 5000 lakes lie north of Kingston, west of Ottawa and east of Toronto in the Land O’ Lakes district. Lake properties in this region are still among the least expensive in Ontario. Our area offers cottages starting as low as $170,000. Just give thought to where you invest your money. If you purchased an area property on water in 1999, that property today has more than doubled in value. If you invested one dollar in 1999 in the Dow Jones Index, that dollar is now worth $.64 as of March 05, 2009. The Dow was at 10,500 points on May 1, 1999 and on March 5, 2009 the Dow was 6,594 points, down 36.5%. The volatility of the stock market has left many investors high and dry. Every market presents opportunities to those who are attentive. Land O’ Lakes is offering most affordable waterfront listings and the mortgage rates are presently 3.3% on a variable rate. Mortgages have not been this low in most of our lifetimes…don’t become part of the crowd that buy when prices are high and mortgage rates are back up to 13%. Now is the time to buy. Waterfront in the Land O’ Lakes is still pristine. Clean and well monitored lakes ensure you of years of quality waterfront enjoyment. Waterfront properties in the Land O’ Lakes are wonderful investments but most of all they represent the most precious commodity….TIME. Time to unwind, time to relax with family and friends and time just to yourself…Let time work for you both personally and financially. We have been established for over 20 years and now have the 1st waterfront only brokerage in the region. Our offices are located on Sharbot Lake in the Village of Sharbot Lake. We have structured the company to serve the Sellers and Buyers of waterfront by forming a group of three experienced sales people backed by two professional marketing and administrative assistants. All five of us team together to represent your property in the very best light. Marketing – The old saying “you have to spend money to make money” prevails here. Our advertising begins with a professionally designed website where Buyers can submit their requirements; we monitor the profile matching it with our listings until they find exactly what they are looking for. Paper advertising directs Buyers to our website. We have reserved several pages in “On the Water” magazine, a high-end magazine that circulates all summer. We advertise monthly in Valley Seaway Homes which covers Ottawa to Land O’ Lakes and the Cottage Trader which covers Land O’ Lakes to southern Ontario. People find us and in turn find your property. Sales Team – The Sales team represents 40 years of selling specifically in this region. The two principals of the company are Alison Robinson, Broker of Record and Matthew Robinson, Broker/Owner. Our newest member is Joel Gray, Broker. Professional guidance is required to obtain the best results in the sale of your property; we offer you our services and our experience. ...more

Lake District Realty is pleased to welcome Joel Gray to our Brokerage. He was born in the Land O' Lakes area and resides here with his family. Along with his enthusiasm, Joel brings ten years of real estate experience in waterfront sales. Welcome Joel. ...more

New Ontario Senior Homeowners' Property Tax Grant
The following information was taken from a pamphlet distributed by the Ontario Government. Beginning in 2009, the Ontario Senior Homeowners’ Property Tax Grant will be provided to help eligible senior homeowners with low and moderate incomes pay their property taxes. -Eligible senior homeowners will be able to obtain a grant of up to $250 in 2009. The maximum grant will be increased to $500 for 2010 and subsequent years. -Senior couples with $250 or more in property taxes in 2008 and incomes of up to $45,000 will receive the maximum grant in 2009, while those with incomes between $45,000 and $60,000 will receive a proportionately smaller grant. -Single seniors with $250 or more in property taxes in 2008 and incomes of up to $35,000 will receive the maximum grant in 2009, while those with incomes between $35,000 and $50,000 will receive a proportionately smaller grant. To receive the 2009 grant, on December 31st of 2008, an applicant: -must own and occupy a principal residence in Ontario, for which he or she must have paid property taxes in 2008, and -must be at least 64 years old. With the new grant, most eligible seniors will receive more property tax relief than under the current system. Senior homeowners who already receive full property tax relief through the Ontario Tax Credits (OTCs) will continue to do so through the combination of grant and credit. Applications for the 2009 grant and the OTCs will be contained in the 2008 personal income tax returns (Form ON479), available in early 2009. If you need more information on the new grant or the OTCs, call 1-800-337-7222 or 1-800-263-7776 for TTY between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. ...more

Nature Conservancy of Canada
Lake District Realty has enjoyed 21 years of working in one of Canada's most beautiful "untouched" areas. We have, however, come to realize that there are vast areas of habitat that are being eroded around the world and even in our own beautiful country. As our part to preserve large tracts of habitat, we have become a member of the Nature Conservancy of Canada. The Nature Conservancy of Canada has been working for 45 years to identify ecologically significant land across the country, to protect natural habitat and take care of it for the future. With the membership money, they actively purchase and protect over 2 million acres across Canada. These are parcels of land where 70% of the species are at risk trying to survive alongside mankind. The NCC is designing a blueprint for Canada's prairies and parklands to preserve remaining grass lands. This is just one of their projects. To find out more or become a member, visit their website at Their national office is located at 36 Eglinton Avenue West, Suite 400, Toronto, ON M4R 1A1 / 1-800-465-0029 / E-mail: ...more

Fall - A Fine Time to Buy!
The summer of 2008 has been a wet one and a time of economic uncertainty. In spite of this, the market in our area has been steady with a large portion of the sales starting in August and continuing through September. With the stock market shake up, many families are thinking that money invested in waterfront will provide a safe stable vehicle and allow for the enjoyment of a family cottage at the same time. Look all over Ontario and Land O' Lakes will stand out on every front; price, lake quality, accessibility and resale value. Visit our Solds. You will see Sales from $250,000 to $680,000. Check our Listings section for complete details including directions and surveys of fine area waterfront homes and cottages. Give us a call. We're always happy to discuss the market and our specialized real estate services. ...more

Winter Update
The 21st season for Lake District Realty has been both unique and successful. After 20 years of handling all walks of real estate, we became a company focused on the specialized needs of waterfront sales…the decision to specialize did not come without great soul searching. All of our listings and sales over the years have been special and exciting and formed the foundation of our company. The decision to specialize in one area came about from a desire to keep the service strong. There are an estimated 5000 lakes in the area and our reputation for selling waterfront over the years has grown. Waterfront listings require a concentrated effort. Our approach to selling is to combine the efforts of all of our staff from listing, advertising, marketing and selling. Each property benefits from the multi-disciplined team that is assigned to each listing. The decision to focus was one of deductive reasoning; to do one thing and to do it well. Our listing season begins March 1st and ends December 31st each year. January/February is dedicated to reviewing, rebooting and recharging staff batteries. The lake properties in January/February are covered in ice and snow and Buyers are reluctant to purchase waterfront they just can’t see! In March we start to visit and complete paperwork for listings that commence in April. Our website displays the sales of previous years so Sellers can see our accomplishments and decide if we are the right company to hire and sell their most valued asset. We love the lakes, we live and work here, our knowledge of the area is unsurpassed and our background in marketing is time tested. We look forward to answering any questions you may have and encourage you to contact us in March 2009 to visit and discuss our specialized service. We wish to thank all of our staff, clients, customers, professional advisors and our community for its ongoing support. We wish you all a healthy and bountiful 2009. ...more

Why Buy Here......
•Interest rates lower than any year in the past ten years… •Land O’ Lakes identified as one of the least expensive waterfront regions to purchase a waterfront cottage or home… •Unspoiled waterfront on 5,000 lakes in the “Land O’ Lakes”… •Ideally located halfway between Montreal and Toronto and only 1 ½ hours from Ottawa. A peaceful oasis in a fast-paced world…Land O’ Lakes. Put your feet in the crystal waters, sit quietly amid old pines, a breeze on your face; a place of tranquility. The Lake District. The family cottage, a place where you can really look into your children’s eyes, a place to chat with your folks or visit with a friend. Capture back a piece of your life; why not have a portion of your investments in a family cottage. An investment you can enjoy! Visit Lake District Realty’s website each week and watch other people investing in a piece of paradise. Maybe next week we will list the property that matches your requirements. If you need help call us or fill in the Property Profile section of our site and we will help you find that special place you have been thinking about. In June and July, cottages priced in the mid $250-$350K range have had steady sales. Our top sale of $749,000 on the Big Rideau has just sold and now we have several excellent waterfront lots that Buyers have been asking for. Year-round homes on the water are affordably priced from $350K-$600K. Watch the site, visit the Solds, call us or e-mail us. ...more

Not Sure Who To List With?????
Hire the knowledgeable, local, well equipped professionals serving The Land O' Lakes district. The snow has just receded enough to know there are lakes out there! If this is the year to sell the family waterfront cottage, waterfront home or water lot we are ready to go! Over the winter, the Company moved into position to be what we call ourselves “The Waterfront Company”...a specialty company whose focus is 100% waterfront. Our website was redesigned to meet the needs of waterfront Buyers and Sellers. It is user-friendly and has many expanded capabilities. Video imaging will permit the Buyer to see the landscape around the cottage or waterfront home, as well as a more intimate look at the interiors. Our video crew will commence as soon as the landscape greens up! The approach to selling something as unique as each waterfront takes a coordinated effort. Matthew and Alison will gladly meet with you at your property and share their 30 years of combined exposure to all the lakes in North, Central and South Frontenac; The Land O’ Lakes region and then provide a marketing strategy for your property. Listings commence in early April and continue through the season. For this reason, we urge you to make our site one of your “favorites”. Each week the site will listings, solds, articles and much more. This new site was designed to be interactive with the public. If you are a Seller, your main concern is how your property will be seen by all potential Buyers. Most serious Buyers shop on MLS and the internet. Our website has been designed to reach consumers. If you list with our company you will have all of our attention and our very active Buyer-Customer base. We are part of MLS and advertise heavily..We connect with the Buyers. If you are a Buyer and would like our assistance, visit our website..the Contact Us section followed by the Property Profile. This area of the site permits you to tell us in detail what you are looking for. Fill in the form and submit it and within 48 hours an agent will call you to discuss your needs more specifically. Over the season our management system will select listings that may be of interest to you and forward them to you for review. You’re on your way to cottage country and maybe a year-round home on the lake. We look forward to meeting you! ...more

Thinking of Relocating?
Over the years many of the families who have enjoyed their cottages on the area lakes have decided to move here permanently. Beautiful Sharbot Lake and area have a full line grocery store, an expanding medical centre and a variety of retail and service industry businesses. These businesses contribute to the comfort of living in this picturesque rural area.
Families with children will find both elementary and secondary schools in Sharbot Lake. Service clubs in the area include Legion, Lions and Masons to mention a few should you wish to continue your membership in the area. There are also many local activity clubs to join from quilting to theatre and most things in between! Of course, there are the many lakes and trails for all number of outdoor activities.
Lake District Realty would be pleased to assist with any questions or information you may have regarding relocation to the Land O’Lakes area. ...more

Let's talk Waterfront!
The 2007 season was very positive with waterfront sales remaining active. Waterfront lot prices ranged in value from approximately $100,000 to $200,000 for up to a 3 acre lot. Lots have not been abundant and as a result have sold very quickly once placed on the market. The traditional family cottage which used to sell for around $200,000 has increased in value over the last three years. Family cottages range in value from $250,000 to $350,000. Year round living in the Land O’Lakes area is most desirable. Year round waterfront homes are approximately priced at $250,000 to $600,000. Lake District Realty handled several large tracts of waterfront in 2007 with prices ranging up to $1,000,000. Waterfront development parcels are in demand.
We invite waterfront property owners who are considering selling to contact us for a private consultation. We would be pleased to discuss the potential value of your property for the 2008 selling season which begins in March. Take a look at our Just Sold section for an overview of sales.

SPRING 2008.....
Lake District Realty is pleased to present a fine selection of area waterfront homes, cottages and lots. The market has responded favorably to our listings, as many of the properties are already posting sold or conditionally sold. Locating in the Land O' Lakes area will be a pleasure of a life time! No longer are these lakes isolated; they are quiet natural lakes located in fully serviced rural communities. Can you remember 13% interest rates? I can! 5.5% interest rates should be one of the greatest mobilizing factors for the purchase of that waterfront property you've been contemplating. Do you need some help? Give us a call. It's time to list....It's time to look....It's time to buy! ...more

LDR Launches New Site!
It is probably apparent by now that we have updated the look and feel of our web site but looks aren't everything...we've added a number of great, user-friendly features as well!
To help you get the most out of our new site, we've highlighted some of the new features and benefits.
To help us find you the perfect property, we have developed the LDR Property Profile. This is a series of questions that you answer and submit to us (any time of day) to create your own profile on our system. Your answers are then cross referenced with the listings in our database and matched with a number of properties with the appropriate criteria. This new system will allow us to pre-qualify potential buyers and listings and increase our efficiency - as they say, "time is of the essence" in real estate.
Our new look Listings now offer a truly rich mix of information and multimedia content to showcase the properties. When browsing our listings, you'll now see a slideshow of each property in detail along with the capability of viewing land surveys, downloading feature sheets and in some cases, watch an online video walkthrough.
We have also expanded upon our Maps area to now include detailed Google Maps of the region. These can be used to view the geography as well as gain a true overview of waterways and road access points.
No News was not good we have created our own News area. We are now committed to keeping you informed! Watch our home page for more News and event information through the seasons.
Aside from these, there are even more improvements and enhancements for you to experience - from a more streamlined interface and user experience to helpful Links to government agencies, companies and associations relevant to our area.
Thanks for visiting...we hope you like our new site! ...more