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You will see references to the Canadian Shield in many of our listings. The Canadian Shield is a massive shield of solid rock formed 3 billion years ago and is a hard, crystalline rock shield. The Shield sweeps from the Northwest Territories across the Prairies and down into, Ontario, Quebec and Labrador. This area provides approximately one third of the world’s fresh water. We are part of an area known as the Frontenac Axis. As the great glaciers that covered this region receded freshwater lakes were gouged, springs were exposed and the Land O’Lakes region and the Thousand Islands resulted.

The characteristics of the Canadian Shield include dramatic rocky outcroppings, usually rolling terrain and a web of marshes, streams and lakes. Land O’ Lakes is the home of over one thousand freshwater lakes. Many of the lakes north of Highway 7 are referred to as Crown land lakes. They are called this because they are either completely surrounded by Crown land or a large portion of the lake is surrounded by Crown land. Most of these lakes have a public access.

The Canadian Shield has three major natural resources - forests, minerals and water. These freshwater lakes are monitored by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Lake Associations in an attempt to keep pristine water quality and healthy eco-systems. The land of Central Frontenac is divided among five different watersheds. These watersheds divide the township into two distinct regions - areas draining northeast and areas draining southwest.

The natural topography of the Land O’ Lakes region can be enjoyed in the numerous provincial parks. Tree species include white and red pine, oak, maple, birch, butternut, tamarack, to mention just a few. Visit our links for greater details on these parks.

Highway #7 from Ottawa to Toronto travels east and west through the Frontenacs. The north-south axis is from Kingston via Road 38 and Road 509. Travel throughout the region is on well-paved, well-maintained, year-round roads.